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A complete data science roadmap

A complete data science roadmap for beginners🤖🚀 ▶ Roadmap, tech-stack, learning resources, & projects to build a portfolio along with Timeline📅⏲ A thread🧵↓

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Text analytics course thread

Course Alert⏰ Introducing Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing with Python🤖📚 Learn the core techniques of text analytics alongside the cognitive science that makes it all possible. Check out the link below for more info👇 🔗 https://www.datakwery.com/edx/introducing-text-analytics-and-natural-language-processing-with-python/?utm_source=avi&utm_medium=blog

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Python thread format

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages today. Learning Python will open many career doors for you. open this thread for more info👍 A thread👇

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Scribehow tools tweet

Writing and sharing what you learn is the best way to get a good grasp on data science and ML skills🤖✅ Here are the TOP 5 Tools that will help you write and share awesome blogs in minutes🔥 A 🧵👇

1) ScribeHow Writing up docs and how-to guides used to take up so much time and it's a tedious task @ScribeHow helps to create auto-generated step-by-step guides, cutting down hours of work to minutes. Get your chrome extension now👇 🔗 https://getscribe.how/chrome

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Datacamp courses thread

Data camp is offering 67% off on all data science and ML courses. Sign up with data camp and get certified to get a job right after completing your courses (Open this thread for more)👍 A🧵👇

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Dk course thread

Course Alert⏰ Scalable Machine Learning on Big Data using Apache Spark This course will empower you with the skills to scale data science and machine learning (ML) tasks on Big Data sets using Apache Spark. Check out the link below for more info👇 🔗 https://www.datakwery.com/coursera/scalable-machine-learning-on-big-data-using-apache-spark/?utm_source=avi&utm_medium=blog

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Medium blogs thread

I have been sharing articles on my medium to help begineers get started with data science. Here are some of the blogs you can consider reading to learn new skills in Data domains. 🧵👇

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Data science for marketing

Ever wondered how you get to see the most relevant ads that matter to you, on all digital platforms?🤔 Yes, there are numerous techniques from the field of data science that play a key role in it... (Let's know more👇) A🧵👇

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Kaggle learn guides

Kaggle is the home of data science with excellent resources to learn all things data sci🏡🐍🤖 Here are the top curated guides to learn machine learning from the best👍 🧵👇

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Streamlit videos

Want to build data web applications? Streamlit makes it easy - start here with the top X YouTube videos. A 🧵👇

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