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Shanghai Tracker - Ethereum Beacon Wallet Notification Stream

Introducing @ShanghaiTracker powered by QuickAlerts from @QuickNode! Ethereum Beacon wallet notification stream directly in your Twitter feed — #ShanghaiFork and beyond...

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Blockchain Notifications with QuickAlerts

Why bother wasting energy when you can get your work done with one simple expression? With QuickAlerts, you can create CUSTOM BLOACKCHAIN NOTIFICATIONS directly from your @QuickNode dashboard. Let's explore the possibilities by creating a few expressions! 🏊‍♂️ 🧵

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Introducing QuickAlerts by QuickNode

🎉 Introducing QuickAlerts by @QuickNode! The ultimate solution for CUSTOM BLOCKCHAIN NOTIFICATIONS in real-time! Say goodbye to missed events with these WEBHOOKS ON STEROIDS! 🪝💉 🧵 1/7

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What are Smart Contracts?

Unlock the power of automation, transparency, and efficiency with smart contracts! In this 🧵, we'll look at blockchain-based smart contracts, their use cases and impact across various industries. Let's dive in! 👇🏻 1/11

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Ethereum KZG Ceremony

📣 Ethereum KZG Summoning Ceremony is LIVE: https://ceremony.ethereum.org/. Help improve Ethereum data scalability by participating in the generation of data where only one honest participant is needed for a secure final output. Join the process now! What? Why? How? 🧵 1/7

Ethereum is scaling with the help of Layer-2s (L2s) like Optimism and Arbitrum, which help increase the block space while still maintaining security. These L2s allow more data to be sent to L1 (Ethereum), but at the cost of high fees due to the increased data transfer. 2/7

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