🎉 Introducing QuickAlerts by @QuickNode! The ultimate solution for CUSTOM BLOCKCHAIN NOTIFICATIONS in real-time! Say goodbye to missed events with these WEBHOOKS ON STEROIDS! 🪝💉 🧵 1/7

Here are some examples of what you can track: 🔔 Transactions in a specific wallet. 🔔 NFT mints on the network. 🔔 Event triggers on a smart contract. 🔔 DEX swaps of a smart contract. 🔔 New supply additions to a token. & more... Create your alert now! 👇🏻 2/7

Each alert is tailored to your needs with two customizable pieces: 1. An ☑️ Evaluation criteria ☑️, defining the condition that triggers the alert. 2. A 📣 Notification criteria 📣, configuring where the notification is sent. 3/7

Want to keep an eye on your wallet activity? Let us set up an alert... Wasn't that easy? 😄 4/7

QuickAlerts is currently available in Public Beta for ✅ Ethereum ✅ Polygon ✅ Binance Smart Chain ✅ Avalanche ✅ Fantom ✅ Celo You can access it through your QuickNode dashboard: https://dashboard.quicknode.com/quick-alerts. PS: You require a paid plan (Build/Scale) to access it. 5/7

What are you waiting for? Hop along! 🚀 Please feel free to report issues, share feedback, or request features: https://roadmap.quicknode.com/c/14-quickalerts-webhooks-and-on-chain-events. We are all ears! You can also book a live walkthrough session with @Jengascoin here: https://calendly.com/gayleqn/30min?month=2023-01. 6/7

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