Why bother wasting energy when you can get your work done with one simple expression? With QuickAlerts, you can create CUSTOM BLOACKCHAIN NOTIFICATIONS directly from your @QuickNode dashboard. Let's explore the possibilities by creating a few expressions! 🏊‍♂️ 🧵

1. Get notified for new blocks.

2. Get notified when the block size exceeds a specific value.

3. Get notified when a specific miner mines a block.

4. Get notified for failed transactions.

5. Get notified when a transaction exceeds a specific value.

6. Get notified for transactions of a specific wallet.

7. Get notified for NFT purchases.

8. Get notified for ENS domain registrations.

9. Get notified for DEX swaps.

It's this simple! 🚀 If you need help creating an expression, feel free to comment below. 👇🏻 You can also check out this tutorial video, where I walk you through the process of creating an alert and getting it delivered to your email inbox. 📨