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Tutorial: Isometric Cyberpunk Vehicles

🔥Isometric Toy Cars on Midjourney Isometric everything As I'm writing this week's newsletter and I keep getting sidetracked, sorry Respond with your own creations 🧵 A Thread

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Tutorial: Humanoid Animal Portraits using Midjourney, prompt included

Tutorial: Human-Animal Portraits 👀 This is hilarious because if the knolling thread was simple, this will have you laugh, it's even simpler, kinda. 🫡 Reply with your own best animal portraits to his thread 🧵 Thread, let's go

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Tutorial: Knolling on Midjourney

Tutorial: Knolling on Midjourney This is a rabbit hole, you can knoll anything on Midjourney, so please respond to this thread with your best creations. 🧵 A thread

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January Mega Thread

🚨🚨 January Mega AI Thread 🚨🚨 🫡 I curated all the top tweets from December & January into this thread, you don't want to miss this. 🤤 Promise you'll love it, +40.000 others already did 👉 RT/Like & Bookmark 🧵 A thread — Let's GO!

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7 ChatGPT Hacks, Tips, and Extensions you can't live without (free)

7 ChatGPT Apps, Hacks, and Extensions you can't live without (All are currently Free) 🧵 A thread

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AI Generated Homes in Earthy, cozy & warm style

🤖 AI Interior Design - Part II 👀 AI made these, just unbelievable 🔮 Warm, earthy, cozy, primitive 🥃 Let me know what you want to see next in the replies! #ThisDoesNotExist #AI 🧵 A Thread

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LALA-LAND Interior Design by

🤖 AI Interior Designs 🤮 Do you suck at interior design? AI got you covered 👀 I'm looking to get the girls' room into a magical and whimsical space. I want it to be like entering a Willy Wonka dream world @Pinterest only took me so far Now I'm in LALA-LAND with @midjourney

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Using ChatGPT like a PRO

📝 You and your grandma is using ChatGPT wrong 🧠 Let's get you into EXPERT mode, seriously 📈 Here are some quick tips to get you from n00b to PRO 💬 prompts in thread 🧵

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AI Design *HOT TAKE* part III

🤖 AI Design *HOT TAKE* Part III Using mockups to showcase your work has been the number one way for many designers to sell their work Finding or creating the right mockups takes time, and often they suck AI will change the game of mockups forever A thread 🧵

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