Trying out a new feature today called "!Lore not !Floor" to spotlight the journeys of some of the @ForgottenRunes wizards since the project was launched almost 9 months ago. (1/x)

If I'm successful, this will show that each wizard is unique, even beyond their traits, affinities, and lore. Their journeys on the blockchain, and even sales and pricing information can give insight into the FRWC community and how it has evolved over time. (2/x)

I expect that each wizard's journey will help illustrate significant moments in the history of the project, including prominent holders and events. Who knows, I may even stir up some controversy (although this is not my aim). (3/x)

In keeping with the theme, I will typically pick a wizard that is listed at the floor on one of the exchanges (, LooksRare, NFTX, OpenSea), although I may occasionally select a "rare" wizard to spotlight as well. (4/x)

With that preamble out of the way, let's announce our first wizard to examine - it's #9461, Geomancer Cassius of the Wold! (5/x)

Let's start with a breakdown of the wizard. Cassius is a Master of Wood, Water, and Hill. Only around 100 in the entire 10K collection. As his title implies, he probably has a deep connection to the earth. His wicker wear, emerald staff, and dirt rabbit familiar all fit. (6/x)

Cassius also has a Rune of Brass, probably one of more overlooked Runes. As a metal alloy, it may assist with manipulating metals, perhaps in a magical crafting scenario. (7/x)

Finally his location, the Wold. A high, unforested area. It is likely a place with easy access to rocks and minerals. Perfect. (8/x)

Every wizard has an affinity. If you don't know about affinities, please view this excellent video by @WizzyTac (9/x)

Cassius is 4/5 attuned with two affinities, his main one is "Nature", and his other one is "Brownish", both uncommon. You can explore each wizard's affinities using @smolprotecc's tool. (10/x)

Finally, it appears that Cassius does not have an entry in the Book of Lore. However, that does not mean he does not have lore, as we shall see. What I've observed, is that although entries to the Book of Lore are inscribed on the Ethereum blockchain, (cont'd) (11/x)

different people treat that with differing levels of gravitas. This ranges from thoughtlessly putting in a copypasta or a one-liner, all the way to being so intimidated (or cost-conscious) that no lore is inscribed at all, even if it exists off-chain. (12/x)

So in this series I will make a good faith effort to look for those other sources of lore too. To cap off this wizard's history, let's turn to the blockchain, Twitter, and Discord. (13/x)

Cassius was minted, same as all other 10K wizards, on June 30, 2021. His original owner, krustypunk.eth, minted him along with 11 other wizards (in other words, a max mint of 12). (14/x)

Krustypunk held onto Cassius for over 3 months. I'd like to believe he enjoyed his stay, although a certain stylish wizard got his owner's attention. (15/x)

Then in early October 2021, Cassius changed hands for the 1st time. He was listed for three hours before selling for 0.53 ETH, which was the floor price then. This was a brisk sales period - it was just after the Sacred Flames had been airdropped to qualifying holders. (16/x)

Although most sales were of Sacred Flames changing hands (all for under 1 ETH each!) there were many wizard sales as well. Cassius joined monk36kfu's wizard family. (17/x)

It was at this point that Cassius gained his first derivative artwork (that I could find)! A lovely watercolor by @ickleelk on commission. (18/x)

Cassius was relisted for most of October, and went through a patient price-finding process. Then, in early November, he was sold for 0.98 ETH, almost twice the previous price and a local top. (19/x)

This was also a brisk sales period, as Sacred Flame burning had been enabled a little over a week prior, and many wizard-holders were seeking burn candidates. That did not motivate the next holder though. (20/x)

@fantaloupe_ was looking for their first wizard, and came to the Secret Tower for help. With the guidance of dedicated wizards such as @youtrusteth and @CheddaaB, among many others, Cassius had found a new home! (21/x)

At that time, Cassius got plenty of compliments! @ChuckCharger said "Welcome to the cult! Nice wizard!!" @smolprotecc said, "he a good looker" (22/x)

And that brings us to today! After almost 5 months, Cassius is once again listed near the floor after some price discovery. I want to close with two thoughts. 1. I don't ever want anyone to think this is a sell-shaming type of activity, quite the contrary. (23/x)

I myself have bought and sold many wizards, for many different reasons and under different circumstances. I believe it is only by "trying out" different wizards that one can determine which ones they vibe with, which wizards are "long-termers" or even "forever wizzies." (24/x)

So I'll never judge or speculate why a wizard is listed. And on the other extreme, these are not promotional pieces either (although someone's interest in a listed wizard might understandably increase after learning their history). (25/x)

I do not have any promotional affiliation, paid or unpaid, with fantaloupe or any future holders whose wizards are featured. I do this because I find it interesting and I want to help show the history of FRWC. (26/x)

That wraps this entry up! I wish Cassius the best in his journey. Let me know whether you found this informative, dull, or something in between. Suggestions welcome. And feel free to do your own !Lore not !Floor entries if you wish - I can't do all 10K wizards and souls! (27/x)