Best quotes from the shared security space with Zaki Manian




8 months ago


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Discussion on shared security featuring @zmanian, @musalbas and @jadler0 happening now! Read the thread for tweets from the livestream 👇

"Blockchain security comes down to the question 'who can rug you?' How many actors need to collude to attack the system?" -@zmanian

@zmanian "A system with shared security has the property that in order to break one chain, you need to break them all." -@musalbas

@zmanian @musalbas "Until Celestia came along, the idea of a very scalable system of multiple chains with shared security was very hard." -@zmanian

@zmanian @musalbas "Celestia provides the core primitive that chains require to establish shared security—data availability." -@musalbas

@zmanian @musalbas "Cosmos’ interchain staking and Polkadot’s parachain slots models only scale to the order of 100s of chains. In Celestia we see a world of millions of blockchains." -@musalbas

@zmanian @musalbas "The most important part of these systems is who can propose a block, and who can verify the state. These core properties of a blockchain — censorship resistance and auditability — are what data availability provides." -@zmanian

@zmanian @musalbas "The real limitation on how many transactions a blockchain can process is I/O. Decoupling data availability from the I/O process is the only way that we’ll be able to produce petabytes of secure block space." -@zmanian

@zmanian @musalbas "The theoretical limit of safety of shared security is better, but the actual applied practical security at this moment is still in favor of Tendermint chains + IBC." -@zmanian

@zmanian @musalbas "Creating a DAO on ethereum is like incorporating under the law of a certain country. The future model for blockchains I see is where each app has its own chain. In that model I see hard forks as a feature for social coordination." -@musalbas

“Scalability of a chain is measured by the throughput divided by the cost for an end user to verify it.” -@musalbas

“The invention of personal computers allowed individuals to be sovereign. The invention of blockchains allow communities to be sovereign.” -@musalbas quoting @buchmanster

“The combination of rollups, data availability and modular blockchains is one of the most exciting things happening in the space right now.” -@zmanian