Why I want my NFT collected

In Music NFTs, we always ask collectors what makes them want to collect music NFTs, but we never really ask artists why they would want their music NFT collected. I'm gonna try to break down why I would want a collector to snag one of my music NFTs

Reason 1: The record is 🔥🔥🔥 If you hear a song and love it, I hope that's enough inspiration to collect it, if it's in your price range for supporting music that you love. Hearing a song for the first time and going "wow" should be enough.

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Web3 Artist Needs

Man @HenryChatfield asks the best questions! Let’s attack each question in a 🧵maybe? https://twitter.com/HenryChatfield/status/1504925441185890304

What do I need more of as a musician in web3? Tools to create unique experiences for my collectors. As one of the biggest utility buffs in my peer group — I think not only is it hard for me to create interesting utility because I gotta use a hodgepodge of tools to execute

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Zoratopia Performance

Here’s an as exhaustive as it gets thread of performance from #ZORATOPIA IRL Shouts out to @ourZORA @soundxyz_ @fortheTL & @taramoves Thanks for the love and support

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Wolf on MintSongs

Yo! I wanna talk to you guys about my next NFT release, my first on @mintsongs! There’s a free NFT in this thread, so read ahead to learn more. I wanna talk a bit about my mind around minting a music NFT on Polygon vs Ethereum, so let’s get into it.

If you’ve ever heard me talk to folks about what chain they should be, I often talk about a perception of value that comes with on a low gas blockchain, like Polygon or Tezos or Solana or whatever…and how I feel that many, if not most artists are underselling themselves on em.

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I think about Kanye, I think about Kid Cudi, I think about Childish Gambino, I think about Tyler, I think about Jaden, I think about Pharrell, I think about Virgil. That’s where I’m going.

Sharp Sale

Hi! I sold a music NFT for 3 ETH at the beginning of the year on @catalogworks using @prtyDAO’s PartyBid & in an effort to allow my collectors to be involved with my career, I’m allowing everyone involved to vote on future decisions for the song. Let’s talk about it (🧵)

Back in November, I minted an NFT for a song called Sharp on Catalog (@catalogworks) and in my initial thread about the NFT I allude to trying something new and having the community involved in it. https://twitter.com/BlackDave/status/1458234446910476299

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I think of my NFT collectors as accountability partners that I really don’t wanna let down.

Web3 Rap Blog

Been thinking about this tweet and wanted to break my thoughts down a bit more. https://twitter.com/BlackDave/status/1495435202503618570

I’m, at the very least, thankful this ain’t considered a hot take.

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Music NFT Hot Take: Artist Leverage

Music NFT hot take: Artists have a tremendous amount of leverage and power but don’t realize or utilize it as they should This is a thread, let’s talk about it:

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how despite having an unprecedented amount of opportunity being in web3, especially at such an early state in the game, artists are willing to give most of their individual power to marketplaces, platforms & other communities.

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Quick Music NFT Take: I think we talk WAY too much about record labels in music NFT spaces for none of us to be signed to a deal. Who are we getting into these conversations for? Why are we focusing so much on them when they aren’t us?