SWE @ Google. I write about #Crypto and #DeFi Threads 🧵, infographics and videos 🎥 explaining projects, strategies and concepts. 👨‍🌾 🦍 shivsak.com

I'm launching a Talent Collective

Are you a product or community builder? Interested in working in web3? 🧵 👇

Lots of talented people ask me to help them get their foot in the web3 door. And many web3 companies want to access such talent pools.

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What is MEV? A hidden tax on blockchain users?

MEV is a hidden tax imposed on users of a blockchain by miners, validators, and sequencers. We made a video + 🧵 that explains the concept. 🍿 👇 🎬

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ETH Merge Ripple Effects: How To Prepare & Profit

The $ETH Merge is in a week. It's causing some major ripple-effects. Here what's going on + some information on how to prepare / profit 👇

The Merge is a BIG event for @ethereum. If you don't know much about it, we made a primer video + 🧵 explaining the Merge. https://twitter.com/0x_illuminati/status/1546581321287286784?s=20&t=r_z3dKm781Aw_0j1P49ogA

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Bear Market Activity

There's a lot of fear in the bear market. But things are better than you think 👇 🧵

There are 4 MILLION monthly downloads for the "ethers" package used by web3 devs to develop dapps. (Up from 1M/month in Jan 2021)

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Decentralization isn't real... Philosophy & Crypto

Decentralization isn't real. Ever heard of Plato's Theory of Forms? 🧵 Philosophy & Crypto 👇

Plato was a greek philosopher from the classical period (~400 BC). One of his most well-known ideas is the Theory of Forms. He postulated that "the physical world is not as real or true as timeless, absolute, unchangeable ideas"

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Is web3 really censorship resistant?

web3 is supposedly censorship-resistant, but the US government just sanctioned @TornadoCash, and its founder was arrested. What's the real deal with censorship in crypto? 🧵 👇

Crypto is considered censorship resistant because the networks are decentralized. The network can continue to operate as long as a few people somewhere in the world are running nodes.

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Why Web3 Social Networks are Disruptive

web3 social networks might sound like a gimmicky idea. But they're actually wildly important. Here's why... 🧵 👇

1. Data Portability --- In web2, data is owned by the company. In web3, data is owned by the user (you!). https://twitter.com/shivsakhuja/status/1537271370999922688

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I fell for a crypto scam - my story and learnings

I fell for a scam during the 2021 bull run. I didn't make a mistake, I made a whole series of mistakes. Here's my scam story - hope it helps you learn what NOT to do 🚩 👇 🧵

It's a raging bull market. Cryptofluencers are flaunting their wealth, and promising more to come for everyone. Price targets make the moon look like a friendly neighbor. I'm also scouting for some juicy moon landings. Mistake 1: Greed 🚩

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Crypto 101: Resources for Your Learning Journey

There's no denying that Crypto has a steep learning curve. I'm on a mission to make the world of crypto easy to understand through visual explainers. Here's a learning journey of videos and threads to help you go from 0 → 100. 🎬 👇 🧵

For starters, you might find yourself confused by a lot of the terms and concepts in this space. This terminology guide can serve as a good reference. https://twitter.com/shivsakhuja/status/1512559915952324609

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