14% of Americans get their news on #Twitter, according to @pewresearch taken in July this year. But will it stay at that level now that #ElonMusk has taken control of the social media network? Personally, I don’t think so. Here’s why…

IMHO, #Musk’s intentions to create a digital public square for the good of humanity are misguided. Musk’s strategy for restoring public discord is to allow an open platform for everyone to have their say.

That most likely means restoring #Twitter accounts to Donald #Trump, #KatieHopkins, #TommyRobinson, #MartinShkreli, #MiloYannopolis, to name but a few of the famous banned #Tweeters.

However, #Musk has also said he doesn’t want Twitter to become a “#hellscape.” And this his conundrum. How do you let everyone have their say but also maintain decency and respect without “content moderation”? The simple answer is that you can’t.

A digital platform for public opinion without content moderation quickly descends into a cesspit. See #4chan for an example.

Yesterday, we saw #GeneralMotors as the first big brand to suspend ads on #Twitter. I expect you’ll see more. The furore over Kan(Ye)’s anti-Semitic rant has shown us that the ability to say whatever you please comes at a price. And brands (like #Adidas) dont want any of it.

Musk has massively overpaid for a platform that’s already broken. If anyone can fix it, then maybe Elon can. But my money is on a new platform with a fresh start and no baggage firing up. One that has identified accounts and tight content moderation.

Meanwhile, read this…it’s the article I published yesterday on #Elon and #Twitter called “The Bird Is Freed” 👉 https://lnkd.in/eSuZcxA5