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Perpetual soldier of fortune, occasional internet slacker. Ex R&D @OPLabsPBC, I mostly talk about blockchain tech.

🧵 Thread

1/54🧵 Thread on @VelodromeFi and why it's a superior system for incentivizing liquidity.

2/ Liquidity is super important for project tokens. A lack of liquidity makes the token price too volatile. It also prevents investors for exiting, which makes them wary to invest in the first place.

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🧵 Thread

1/40/ Some technical notes on $OP airdrop #1 from yesterday. 🧵

2/ Obviously, it was a bumpy ride. We ran into a few different things that I think people will be interested to hear about though.

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Natural gas prices - Y?

1/19/ Me and my girlfriend were wondering why energy prices went up. The obvious answer is: it's because of the war. But that's a total curiosity stopper isn't it? How does it work, mechanically?

2/ If Russia stopped exporting gas, the effects would be easy to understand (less supply). Similarly, if Russia decided to sell at a higher price, things are easy (less supply at previous price). But that's not what happened.

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$DJED/$SHEN Mechanics

1/16/ Earlier this week, @liamihorne asked if anybody knew about the design of the $DJED "algorithmic" stablecoin from @COTInetwork I was curious, so I gave it a look... Unrolled: https://typefully.com/norswap/snO6FA6

2/ The stablecoin is not so much algorithmic as it is overcollateralized in a way that separates minting from collateralization.

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OHM Valuation

An analyst reached out to discuss my OlympusDAO analysis, and in particular, my "sustainable value" model (https://twitter.com/norswap/status/1498358036733194243) After clearing up a couple things, I felt like doing what I hadn't done last time and actually compute a few possible prices for OHM. 🧵 ⬇

Unrolled version of the thread: https://typefully.com/norswap/1fMYkvL

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Thunder and Lightning — How the Cannon works

With the Cannon bug bounty out, it's time for me to take my best stab at describing what it is, and how it works. Cannon is our next-gen EVM-equivalent fault proof system. It's what will keep your funds secure when you use Optimism. Read to know more!

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