🧵/ What I'm reading this week #009. Every week, I scour the web to curate 10 pieces of content at the intersection of Web3, NFTs, macro, community & startup growth. This week on time! 💪

In this edition: • Unbundling Reddit • Life After Lifestyle • Future of Work & DAOs • Community = Message • CC0 Brand & NFTs Services • Compounded Culture • DAOs, not corporations • The New Fandom Formula • The Great Enrichment • Network Effects Masterclass Let's. ✨

Unbundling Reddit. How to mine @reddit communities to identify a niche, get to know your future customers, understand their actual needs, and build — together with them — a $1M/year business. By @gregisenberg. https://latecheckout.substack.com/p/the-ultimate-guide-to-unbundling

Life After Lifestyle. Why we're leaving branded lifestyles behind, and stepping into a new world where culture is now the product — a product of us. Where will that take us? By @tobyshorin. https://subpixel.space/entries/life-after-lifestyle/

Future of Work & DAOs. Why the future of work is the 'X-to-earn' model, and DAOs will be the coordination layer that enables this model, based on your level of work, contribution, participation, play, or just learning. By @benschecter. https://future.com/the-future-of-work-daos-crypto-networks/

The Community is the Message. Why Web3 brands need to be willing to release control over brand story & message to their community members — and trust they will run with it — to turn the attention economy into an intention, bottom-up model. By DocTom. https://blog.cryptostars.is/web3-the-community-is-the-message-5dc72cbd1bc3

Building a CC0 Brand through NFT’s Services. How CC0 and #Brand3 are redefining what brands do by collaborating with their communities and offering a value proposition that revolves around phygital goods, participation, and action. By @wearefloc. https://mirror.xyz/floc.eth/e5Sa2gRIEOedRCOiUUKmTd32vhqh6PRYMhX0LgnCsPA

Compounded Culture. Why compounded culture — when an art/product/personality becomes so important in your social circles that you have no choice but to engage with it — is key to understand, both individually and collectively. By @danidoesnotxist. https://www.pronounceddrop.com/post/compounded-culture

DAOs are not corporations Why when decisions are convex, decentralizing the process of making that decision can easily lead to confusion, and when they're concave, relying on the wisdom of the crowds can give better answers. By @VitalikButerin. https://vitalik.eth.limo/general/2022/09/20/daos.html

The New Fandom Formula. Why Community (eg. niches) x Autonomy (eg. no-code creator tools) x Equity (eg. Web3 ownership economy) are the pillars of the new fandom formula, which is reinventing the playbook of value creation & sharing. By @zoescaman. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-LWwjgrXn6qs1-uvwdn9NMhhOYNbxMOTyfvNPpjThI0/edit#slide=id.ge23204187e_299_0

The Great Enrichment. Why the period 1800-today is one of the most important secular events in history, which — originated by ordinary people emboldened by liberalism — grew real per capita income by a factor of (at least) 16. By @DeirdreMcClosk. https://www.discoursemagazine.com/culture-and-society/2020/07/13/the-great-enrichment/

Network Effects Masterclass #1 Why 70% of all the value created in tech comes from those with network effects because that's how our societies, economies, and politics simply work — we're social animals, operating in networks. By @JamesCurrier. https://www.nfx.com/masterclass?invite=NFXVIP

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