Director x Digital Artist • PsyMunky


Introducting Ephemera, my submission to the @ChristiesInc Trespassing III auction ⚫️ In Ephemera, we explore the landscape of the human form casting silhouettes, as if the rotational pull and axis of infinite space and ever-stretching light are the puppet strings.

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NFT NYC 2022

Reflecting on last week, and reaffirming that the absolute best part of the NFT space is the PEOPLE – you talented, eccentric, inspiring people that filled my heart all week. It's almost beyond words to be a part of this with you all – there's just SO much to love ♥️❤️‍🔥♥️

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Heat Signature

Introducing Heat Signature, a technical and intuitive process of organic world building; a terraformed site of reflection mapping and displacement. Proud to be a part of the group show of @SuperRare artists created for Dalbin Table @dalbinparis > https://www.dalbin.com/superrare

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My ethos is driven by the desire to learn and be uncomfortable. I continuously seek to apply my foundation in Motion Design to new mediums, with new collaborators. DECIMA is an embrace of this in the most profound way. Always get better. Constantly evolve. This is the way 🤍


Introducing 'DECIMA' the main title sequence for the 2022 @OFFFest 🌹 This is probably one of my most ambitious projects to date and I'm so happy to share it finally – the film is as much a journey as it was to make it, enjoy! 🙏 https://vimeo.com/706063930

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Ethero Stratos

Introducing Ethero Stratos my submission to the ‘New Horizons’ Exhibition, Boston's first NFT show, in partnership with @pellasgallery and @hellometaversal. Curated by the one and only @Ness_Graphics and produced by @gaucho212 ❤️ @YMUArts

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Inside the Reactor : Geometra

Inside the Reactor : Geometra A statement about the scientific and hallucinatory qualities of raw energy generation and formulation. Curated with @ChristiesInc x @opensea x @nftnow 🔥 Sale opens December 4th at @ArtBasel with @NonFungibleNoah and an amazing group of artists🙏

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PENUMBRA 🌑 Here we witness a lunar coup and a hostile takeover of illumination. An excessive copulation between light and dark where each one, by virtue of being eclipsed, is empowered. https://metaverse.sothebys.com/natively-digital/lots/penumbra Now open for bidding at Lot 49 @Sothebys Natively Digital 1.2 🙏

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Ultraviolet Wave

Ultraviolet Wave 🔴 Here we observe the heartbeat of nature’s movement, rich with saturation, the vivid tones a celebration of a palette uniquely characteristic to this Invisible Spectrum of Light. ➝ https://superrare.com/artwork-v2/ultraviolet-wave-28195 #InfraMunk @SuperRare #nftphotography

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Island in the Clouds

My submission 'Island in the Clouds' – a part of the @ChristiesInc PROOF OF SOVEREIGNTY Curated NFT Sale by @yesladypheOnix – has an interesting story that I'd like to share: https://vimeo.com/553567050

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