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Eli5DeFi Thread Index

1/ Eli5DeFi is a collaborative effort to educate people about #DeFi, #Cryptocurrency, and #Blockchain with infographics and visual guides. Please visit our @NotionHQ page below for Eli5DeFi portfolios, contact, and research resources. #visualguide https://www.notion.so/eli5defi/Eli5DeFi-Wiki-Resources-8ba6150a7bdb4a7ca3175736f55ecdb4

2/ To find our unrolled #VisualGuide #infographics🧵, you can check our @typefully page https://typefully.com/eli5_defi

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Entangle Synthetic Vaults

Get ready to explore the world of Entangle - an upcoming, groundbreaking protocol that's revolutionizing cross-chain liquid staking through its innovative derivatives (#LSD). Follow this visual thread as we take you on a journey into the future with @Entanglefi.

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Radiant Capital v2

If you have a strong interest in the @Arbitrum ecosystem, then you are likely familiar with @RDNTCapital and their v2 release. We are excited to provide an informative #visualthread to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of this groundbreaking update. /1

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Factor Part #06: Beyond DeFi

#GM! 1/ @FactorDAO aim to be the forefront and the iquidity layer of DeFi. The composability of the Factor's vault bring potential application outside of DeFi. In this mini-visual guide we will share the realm beyond the vault. #Arbitrum #RealYield $FCTR

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Factor Part #05: The Real Yield

#GM! 1/ With $FCTR launch in the horizon @FactorDAO is not only just hype and bandwagoning real-yield narrative. In this mini visual guide we will see why @FactorDAO is offering the true yield. #Arbitrum #RealYield

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Factor Part #04: The DeFi Renaissance

#GM! 1/ Many still see @FactorDAO as just another asset management platform, but the beauty lies in how it will support the entire #DeFi ecosystem and enable mass adoption. Check out this mini visual thread for why Factor could kickstart a DeFi renaissance. #Arbitrum #RealYield

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Factor Part #03: The Liquidity Middleware

#GM! 1/ In the follow-up section of the @FactorDAO visual guide, we examine the inner workings of the Factor's ERC-4626 vault mechanism and uncover its role as a liquidity middleware and supporting structure for #DeFi protocols. #Arbitrum #RealYield $FCTR

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Factor Part #02: The Building Blocks of DeFi

#GM! 1/ There's lot of questions, How @FactorDAO differentiate themselves from other decentralized asset management platform. In this mini visual-thread we will share the reason why @FactorDAO become the building blocks and liquidity hub of #DeFi. #Arbitrum #RealYield $FCTR

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Factor Part #01: The Hyperstructure

1/ #GM How does @FactorDAO build #DeFi products for mass adoption? What is #Hyperstructures? how does @FactorDAO weaves the #RealYield narrative and create the liquidity layer of asset management? Tune in to our visual thread.

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Yield in DeFi

1/ #GM Let’s talk DeFi yield. What are the types (and sources) of yields in DeFi? How we are headed towards a more sustainable model, with #realyield. In this #visualthread, we will discuss all you need to know about DeFi yield. #Blockchain #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum $ETH $BTC

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