Davor Pihač


Senior Software Engineer with a focus on .NET, ASP dot NET Core, C#, and JavaScript. I write about technology, people, and everything in between.

Looking for a new job

What is the best time to start looking for a new job? Here are some signs: 🔸 Toxic environment, bad boss or a coworker 🔸 You don't feel valued at your current job 🔸 You've stopped growing or learning 🔸 Boring projects 🔸 No raises for years

1️⃣ The toxic environment is the single, most important reason to leave a job. Your health and well-being are more important than your job. It could be a bad boss or a coworker. Whatever it is, put yourself in the first place.

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Escape the Rat Race

Living paycheck to paycheck gives you super anxiety, even if you have save. There are so many things that we can't control and that could have a dramatic impact on personal finances: - getting sick - loosing a job - volatile markets - inflation What are your options? 🧵

Fast paced life and not caring about our health can lead to this. No one could predict the Covid-19. Being sick can impair working ability and if you need to work to earn money, well you have a problem. Health always comes first, remember this!

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How often to write and publish?

Blog, Twitter and LinkedIn. I'm trying to write on all three, but it's challenging. 🔸 Blog is mean for longer, evergreen content 🔸 Twitter moves fast, shorter form 🔸 LinkedIn sits between these two Here's what to do if you don't want to burn out and crash writing. 🧵

You should have a plan how frequently to publish on each platform. Don't have a plan yet? Make one! It's important to try and keep to the plan, but also be realistic.

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Flavors of .NET

Find out what .NET is and it's flavors. What is colloquially known as ".NET" is both SDK, used to develop app and runtime - needed to run ".NET" apps. Languages supported by .NET are: C#, F#, Visual Basic, IronPython and more. There was even J# (Java) at some point.

Here are the flavors of ".NET": 👉 .NET Framework - it all started 20 years ago, runs on Windows only. Not updated anymore, avoid 👉 .NET Core - new and open source, runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. 🔥 👉 .NET - new name, .NET Core renamed to only .NET. The future. 🔥🔥🔥

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EF Core performance optimizations

Entity Framework Core is fantastic, and I use it as the ORM of choice. However, many developers struggle or don't like it because of performance issues. Here's what you need to do to optimize EF Core performance 🧵👇

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ASP.NET Core learning resources

Are you trying to learn ASP. NET Core and are struggling? Don't know where to start? Save yourself the time and read, listen or follow these 🧵👇

Book #1: ASP. NET Core in Action by Andrew Lock Everything that you need to get stared, but also get an in-depth overview of the framework. Make sure to follow @andrewlocknet and visit his website: https://andrewlock.net/

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Clean Code principles, part 2

💡 Clean Code principles, part 2. In this part focus is on: • Long methods • Methods with too many arguments • Nested (arrow) code • God classes More in a thread 🧵👇

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Be a team player!

Be a team player! It usually takes a whole team, not an individual to ship high quality, performant code and great UX. We are stronger as a team! Traits of great teams: - effective communication - respect and honesty - no blaming

1️⃣ Effective communication: Async is often times better than many short chat messages. Emails can be better than long audio/video calls. Be sure to: - write/speak so people can understand you - mention most important things first - provide context - avoid ambiguity

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Respectful code reviews

Code reviews are effective way to improve code quality and maintain high standards in your organization / team. Some tips for better code reviews: - annotate your code in PR - be respectful of the author - you are not your code - suggest change in a polite way - be constructive

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What is Clean Code?

💡 Clean Code principles are back! In this second part, I write about: - Bad naming - Comments - Code repetition - Zombie code #cleancode #programming

1️⃣ Bad naming: how many times have you seen badly named variables, functions and classes? I have seen them quite a lot. Good naming can make it easier to read code and understand what it does, so you don't need to use comments as much (or at all).

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