I've decided that the next blockchain I will be researching is... @dogecoin ! This may seem off-brand for me, however I felt it was an important blockchain to cover right now. Here's why I chose to dive deep on #DOGE 🧵

Dogecoin has been written off by many crypto people as a joke. However, I believe there is more than what meets the eye. If I had listened to popular narratives, I would still think that @Cardano is a ghost chain or $LINK is not needed. Luckily I dove deep & found the truth.

Right now $DOGE has the 5th largest market cap of any layer-1 blockchain. You do not reach a market cap of this size by mistake. Every project wants to be in the position they are, which means they must be doing something right.

Most people don't even realize that Dogecoin is a standalone blockchain or that it has been around since 2013. The goal of my research is to dive deep and find the facts. Is DOGE simply a meme or is there more to the underlying tech that has been lost in the noise?

It's also not a coincidence that I am covering Dogecoin the week after @elonmusk 's acquisition of @Twitter. Elon is one of the most significant business leaders of our lifetime. Writing off his suggestions of integrating $DOGE with Twitter would be a mistake.

Some pockets of the crypto community find Elon to be problematic, however, there's no denying his impact on crypto. He was one of the first CEOs to put #BTC on the corporate balance sheet, which helped trigger a massive bull run that raised all ships.

I'm also excited to engage with the Dogecoin community. One of my key theses for crypto, is that to be successful in the long run you absolutely NEED a passionate community. Dogecoin has a massive & engaged community. I am excited to feed off of that energy.

Some background for members of the Dogecoin community who begin following me during this journey. I've been building blockchain dApps since 2017 and worked on @ethereum, @desoprotocol among other blockchains. I also have a crypto newsletter with 50K+ subscribers

Throughout the next 2 weeks, I will be publishing threads on Dogecoin, engaging with top creators in the Doge community & publishing an in-depth report at the end. You can read some of my previous blockchain reports here 👇 https://web3pills.substack.com/s/web3-pills-layer-1-blockchain-reports

My one ask for the DOGE community, is to engage with me during this process. Send me links to cool projects within the Dogecoin ecosystem, tag top Doge creators and help amplify my content. Let's help grow together and make this process fun. 🤝

I am also asking my existing followers from other blockchains to be open-minded. Take this exploration seriously with me, the same way I did when I covered your favorite blockchain. But of course, if you have any info or feedback, please feel free to share as well!

I really think these next 2 weeks are going to be a blast. If you aren't already, make sure to follow me to come along for the journey. Also make sure to subscribe to my @web3pills newsletter so you can get it in your inbox when I publish it! https://web3pills.substack.com/