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8 months ago


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If you use it right, your Twitter account is worth more than your degree. But 98.8% suck at it. Here are 10 unique ways to turn Twitter into a crazy valuable asset:

Curate Your Following Most users use Twitter to follow news. It’s okay. But you won't make Twitter an asset then. To make it an asset, you need to build a high-signal information diet. Let me show you...

Use Twitter Lists There’s too much drama on the Twitter timeline. I use Twitter lists to cut the noise and amplify the signal. Bonus: Lists aren't affected by the algorithm. So you’ll see what you want to see. Not what the algorithm wants to show you. Here’s a guide:

Use Advanced Search Normal search is pretty bad. To find the best content, use these search functions (play around with the parameters): (from:aaditsh) min_faves:500 until:2022-09-01 since:2020-05-01 This function will spit out: Tweets from @aaditsh with more than 500 likes

Mute Trolls Trust me — trolls are not worth your time. If you’re not enjoying someone’s attitude, mute them: 1. Go to their profile. 2. Click "more" → "mute profile". Their content will become hidden on your timeline. Now, it’s much more peaceful (like it should be).

Polish Your Bio Your bio is your one-line identity on the internet. Make it crisp. Know what you want to be known for: Mine: "I deconstruct how the top 1% play the game of business and life.“ Here are some great examples to learn from:

Integrate Your Newsletter with Twitter If you have an email list/newsletter, use this Twitter feature to maximise sign-ups. I have seen 2x subscribers arriving at my newsletter (per day!) Seriously - this is a game-changer.

Write Twitter Threads There’s so much noise on Twitter. Instead, you can deconstruct complex topics into simple actionable tips for others. You’ll end up building a community of curious folks here to learn! = Valuable asset. More on threads: https://twitter.com/aaditsh/status/1434912202713022465?s=20&t=wcQ3DxC1tBOc01u7Rt6zjA

Don’t Network, Make Friends You can literally reach anyone via Twitter DMs. It’s such a powerful tool. If you go in being “salesy” and only asking for stuff, you’ll be ignored. If you go in with a “give-first” mindset, you’ll win.

Use Tweetdeck: This is a no-brainer. Tweetdeck will make your Twitter experience 10x better. You finally feel like you have control over your information diet. Here is what it looks like:

Hope you learnt something new here: This thread took some time to make (especially the video tutorial). Anyway, try a couple of these tips out. If you liked this, I’d appreciate a retweet (it tells the Twitter algorithm to show it to more people): https://twitter.com/aaditsh/status/1491094779605975040

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