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Crazy statistics about college & tuition

In 1971, you'd have to work 46 weeks for minimum wage to pay for a year of private college in the US. 📈 In 2018, you'd have to work full-time for 168 weeks to afford a year. What are some other mind-boggling stats about college & money? Here are some things to kick it off...

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Audience-building, Distilled.

I've built an audience of over 200k people. That's the top 0.5%. It took me 2 years to figure it out. Here it is in 5 minutes:

First disclaimer: Audience-building on Twitter is hard. And then cultivating community is even harder. If you're up for it, do the challenge at the end. Let's get into it:

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6 Thinking Hats Framework

You can't make great decisions close-minded. The best decisions often require different perspectives. Here are the 6 Thinking Hats and how to use them:

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First Principles Thinking

Elon Musk is a big believer in First Principles Thinking. Not just Musk — Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel and Feynman too. Here's what it is, how to use it, and become better at it:

What it is: Elon Musk (@elonmusk) on First Principles Thinking: It means "boiling things down to the most fundamental truths and then reasoning up from there."

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Top 5 Deathbed Regrets

Top 5 deathbed regrets... You don't want to make the same mistakes in your lifetime:

If you're wondering if I'm making this up — no, I'm not. I initially got curious because I don't want any regrets in my life. So I read up on Bronnie Ware. She worked in palliative care (support for people who are nearly at the end of their life). Sounds good? Here's regret 1:

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How to reach nearly anyone on Twitter

How to reach nearly anyone on Twitter:

Firstly: You won't be able to reach Elon Musk using this approach... So if that's what you were looking for, I'm sorry to disappoint. But you can reach your favorite podcaster, creator, or thinker on Twitter using this:

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Turn Twitter Into An Asset

If you use it right, your Twitter account is worth more than your degree. But 98.8% suck at it. Here are 10 unique ways to turn Twitter into a crazy valuable asset:

Curate Your Following Most users use Twitter to follow news. It’s okay. But you won't make Twitter an asset then. To make it an asset, you need to build a high-signal information diet. Let me show you...

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High ROI Things

10 things that I've seen have the highest ROI:

Connect 2 people together Bringing two like-minded people together is the best thing you can do for your network. If they're truly compatible (in business, friendships, or love), they'll remember you forever. Play the positive-sum game.

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I'm 20. A message to everyone:

Today, I turn 20. I feel old. But also younger than ever. A message to everyone:

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