Duncan McClean


Web Developer @ Steadfast Collective. Laravel/Statamic/Vue.js is my jam. Creator of many side projects.

We use Inertia.js on pretty much every web application we build. It really is a great tool! 🔥 https://twitter.com/inertiajs/status/1614295060610437123

Back at work today! Emails sorted, Trello notifications cleared and Slack all marked as unread. Let's get started 🚀

ICYMI: GitHub now lets you add 'Note' or 'Warning' notations for block-quotes. https://github.com/community/community/discussions/16925

Happy New Year everyone! 🎊🎉

Embarrassing, I don't know the keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot so I open the app with Raycast 😅 #RaycastWrapped

And it's merged! You can now merge entries/terms/assets/forms in Statamic, without installing a third-party addon 🚀 https://twitter.com/_duncanmcclean/status/1544755576940290048

🧵 Thread

Inspired by @freekmurze's list of Laravel/PHP devs, I've made a list for Statamic developers you should follow on Mastodon. https://duncanmcclean.com/statamic-developers-to-follow-on-mastodon

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There’s stuff in here I didn’t know about. Worth a read 👀 https://twitter.com/johnmkoster/status/1587925269695922180