How I used @typefully to build a 10k+ crypto audience in four months. My full workflow 🧵 👇

AI tools, metric trackers, and advanced algorithms are all something creators may aspire to use... But actually getting round to using them effectively is harder than it may seems At my previous job, I introduced Typefully to the team because of how clean and professional it is

However, once I went full time, Typefully quickly become my best friend in: • Creating quality threads quickly • Scheduling and storing ideas • Analysing tweets performance • Utilising an MVP mindset So let's see how @typefully let me do all of that ↓

Skip to what you want to see: 1️⃣ Creating / Storing ideas 2️⃣ Leveraging Templates 3️⃣ Writing 4️⃣ Queuing 5️⃣ Automation 6️⃣ Analytics 7️⃣ MVP Mindset

1️⃣ Creating / Storing ideas Every creators work begins at idea conception and storage. You don't want to constantly be staring at a blank screen Days where my mind is shooting ideas at me, I create new drafts in Typefully noting down the basic idea Small notes remember context

2️⃣ Leveraging Templates Now that my ideas are stored, I want to be able to quickly insert them into quality tweets with minimal hassle. Here's where two key features come in: • Templates • Pinned Drafts For all my threads, I have a pinned template, which I duplicate.

Why do I do this? Because I want to maximize time spent on the work that matters: → Research, writing style, evidence Not having to re-write templates saves me hours. Why waste time re-writing a template for threads that both myself and my audience are happy with?

3️⃣ Writing When you actually start writing, you want to make use of shortcuts as much as possible. Common ones: • CTRL + Enter = New tweet • : = find your emoji 🍄 The more practice you get, the quicker Typefully will allow you to carve out threads with free hand.

4️⃣ Queuing With great content in hand, it's time to make use of queuing so you are not a slave to the platform. By hitting schedule below any post, you can decide to schedule your post for whatever fits best. I schedule almost all my posts to avoid panic posting.

Typefully will also recommend optimum times based on your analytics The longer you've used it, the better they become As you can see below, I can visually see each hours average engagement, offering me complete control over my schedule Don't post your best content at bad hours

Your queued posts are shown in a chronological order ↓ Recently, drag and drop queueing has been added, which is a neat feature. Your posts can be scheduled at whatever time, not just 12 and 5 pm.

5️⃣ Automation Now that the post is out, there are still actions you can take to improve it's metrics. These are: • Auto-Retweet: Tell Typefully when to RT your post, at one or multiple intervals • Auto-plug: Reply to your post when certain metrics are met (RT, Like)

Recently, my go to options have been to: • RT any thread 12 hours after it's posted (opposite timezone) & • plug my master thread at X amount of likes This enables me to focus on my writing, knowing automation has my good Twitter practices in check.

6️⃣ Analytics Lastly, you'll want to see how well your account, or individual tweets, are performing. For that, we can head to 'grow'. If you're nosey, see all my stats below: Compared to other tools, analytics are not Typefully's strong point.

However, I do still use them to check: • How my best threads performed • Weekly followers • Profile conversion rate I like stats, but I'm not obsessed with them, nor do I think any creator should be. Impressions don't always equal value / change

7️⃣ MVP Mindset What do I mean by this? Due to Typefully's clean, simple, and aesthetic UI, I can easily MVP (Minimum Viable Product) each new thread idea and get instant feedback. I deploy this mindset to all my content, as I never want extra tools clogging my creative work.

At the end of the day, I'm a big believer in: ''create what you want and your audience will follow'' Although hard to follow in a fast moving space like crypto, creating content that you truly resonate speaks volumes, especially on CT. I'm sure people enjoy the honesty