Writing in Web3 is fast becoming one of the most valuable skills in the space. Few understand the power a great writer gives to your project. However, I see many beginners starting in the wrong place. Want to land your first client? Here's 3 tips🧵 ↓

1️⃣ Twitter is not your portfolio If you're reading this, you most likely don't have 10k+ followers. The harsh reality is, no one is approaching you for work here. So why spend all your time on it?

Although a Twitter brand sounds great, it's months or years of hard work before you realize any profits. Instead, start on: ・ Upwork ・ Fiverr ・ Contently ・ Clearvoice Why? It's easier to find clients where they're looking.

2️⃣ Focus on experience Stop hunting the highest $/word. Instead, hunt the experience that can justify that price. Published on x,y,z sites? That's value. Not only is it humbling, it's fuel for the fire. The first 5 articles I wrote, I was paid $7.5 each.

3️⃣ Proposal is everything Your first contact is everything. How can you bring them value? What's your USP? Do you sound interested at all, or is your proposal too long? Here's a short example that could win your first client ⬇️

Hey! I'd love to help you with your project. When you work with me you get: ・ USP 1 ・ USP 2 ・ USP 3 Interested? Let's jump on a quick call to discuss your requirements [Calendly Link] Feel free to copy this template and add your own spark.