Want to know where to hedge your bets this year? Here's my list of protocols to keep your eyes on heading into 2023. A mix of established and upcoming projects from real yield to NFTfi. 🧵 👇 (Part 1)

@vela_exchange $DXP A perpetual DEX focused on putting the trader first, Vela has actively spoken about their second movers advantage. • Will offer granular control for traders • Beta coming in January • Extremely good tokenomics https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1586667640965058561

@takepile_ $TAKE Another perp DEX but with a completely custom liquidity system. What they need: • Better liquidity • Go multi-chain If they can make it off $FTM, they could start to compete against the best. Dive into their liq. system below https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1586304305564291072

@Buffer_Finance $BFR A binary options trading platform which will profit off the human desire to gamble • Releasing their NFTs soon with unique perks • Brand new BLP pool live = higher max trades = more yield https://dune.com/defimochi/buffer-finance by @defi_mochi https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1603360341022629888

@HegicOptions $HEGIC A decentralized options protocol brought to my attention by @CryptoKaduna • Much more trading volume with a smaller mcap than competitors like Dopex. • Established protocol 2+ years • Provide liquidity to receive yield, become the house https://twitter.com/CryptoKaduna/status/1607693933101957121

@traderjoe_xyz $JOE The #1 DEX on Avalanche, that just moved to Arbitrum, known for it's zero slippage trades. Going multi-chain put them on my radar to compete against upcoming DEXs like Camelot. 1m+ TVL in under a month on Arbitrum with steady growth. Learn more 👇 https://twitter.com/traderjoe_xyz/status/1609249218543091712

Competing with $JOE is @CamelotDEX $GRAIL. Native Arbitrum DEX with unique bribery layers. • Amazing partnerships with virtually every top project on Arbitrum. • Almost $4m raised • Over 15m+ in Liquidity since launch https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1584922760173670400

@UmamiFinance $UMAMI Risk-hedged real yield with an emphasis on institutional money • Goal of 1B TVL • One of the first Arbitrum projects • Vaults + portfolio coming • Based tokenomics @teaandcrypto how this is possible. https://twitter.com/teaandcrypto/status/1600918947427020803

@nftperp $NFTX Longing NFTfi, nftperp is a perpetual DEX for NFTs. People want to speculate on NFTs, they're bringing it. • Confirmed that's true with over 20m in volume 👇 • Real yield from NFTs, wtf • gives NFT traders leverage + less fees https://twitter.com/nftperp/status/1608923729849122819

@NFTYFinance $NFTY A liquidity solution for the NFT space, founded by @DigitalLawrence Aim is to allow borrowing / lending of NFTs through liquidity shops • Real Yield component with 1% fee in $NFTY https://twitter.com/NFTYFinance/status/1555335113076101120

@berachain An EVM compatible L1 powered by PoL, meaning it's liquidity focused. So this is me being bullish on the ecosystem, not a particular project. Definitely will have it's season 🐻 Amazing breakdown 👇 https://twitter.com/0x_Umeshu/status/1608782611857707009

@UniDexFinance $UNIDX Claiming to be the 'meta-aggregator of everything in DeFi', Why settle for a single option, when you can decide from all of them? Too complex to explain in a single tweet, so I will release an in-depth thread on them shortly https://twitter.com/UniDexFinance/status/1608922527514132480

@riskydotlol $DICE $dice is an on-chain gambling protocol created by @SerecThunderson. I'm still bullish because they released their V2, which is trending towards providing users yield from the gambling if they stake their $dice. It's gambling in it's rawrest form.

@Treasure_DAO $MAGIC A decentralized gaming ecosystem, and the backbone of Arbitrum PFPs like Smols. Incredibly rich ecosystem which got listed on Binance and others late last year. I encourage you to checkout @smol_thots breakdown as he does it better than anyone I know https://twitter.com/smol_thots/status/1605009133974986753

@GetBlockWallet $BLANK. A competitive Web3 wallet with a super smooth UI. Been testing them out as a competitor to MM and have to say, first impressions are good. 50% Fees from in-wallet swaps & other activities are used to burn $BLANK. https://twitter.com/AltcoinFlipper_/status/1607727293513826304

@GMDprotocol $GMD Is a yield aggregator built on-top of @GMX_IO $GLP pool to provide real yield. Bullish because of their stability & innovation. See their announcement on $GNS vaults coming soon 👀 👇 https://twitter.com/GMDprotocol/status/1609576370035728386

@GainsNetwork_io $GNS A perpetual DEX offering crypto, stocks and forex. Really great team that recently launched on Arbitrum 👇 Curious to see how they compete with $GMX now they're on the same chain. Expect a volume battle, that $GNS might win 👀 https://twitter.com/GainsNetwork_io/status/1609330146699272192

@chainlink $LINK A decentralized oracle network powering many of the projects I've mentioned above. Betting on any of those projects means betting on chainlink technology. https://twitter.com/TheDeFinvestor/status/1609154703887314944

I don't want to overload you, so that's where I'm stopping for now! I'll be releasing part 2 in a week or so from now, to give you time to digest and research the projects mentioned above 🤝 In the meantime, drop me ones that I should include next below ↓