A master thread of all my deep dives & updates on protocols Find your next real yield gem here 💎 🧵 👇

$ROSE - @OasisProtocol 🍄Native token of the Oasis Protocol, a Layer 1 privacy chain https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1559184386855079937

$UBT - @UnibrightIO 🍄Native token of the Unibright platform, bridging the gap between blockchain technology and traditional business applications. https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1571459394281545728

$BLXM - @BloXmove 🍄$BLXM is the token for decentralized mobility, enabling A-Z through a single ticket. https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1562031912499023872

$EWT - @energywebx 🍄Decentralizing the energy sector through $EWT, their native token. https://twitter.com/wallenby1/status/1562469804216184832

$VRA - @verasitytech 🍄Minimizing ad fraud from bots through $VRA and Proof-of-View https://twitter.com/wallenby1/status/1566093678019375104

$GMX - @GMX_IO 🍄Number one perpetual DEX through $GLP. 30x Leverage on crypto. https://twitter.com/wallenby1/status/1569717665123684354

$GNS - @GainsNetwork_io 🍄Native token of @GainsNetwork_io, a decentralized levergae trading platform for Crypto, Stocks & Forex. https://twitter.com/wallenby1/status/1570442356582907907

$SPA - @SperaxUSD 🍄 Auto-yield stablecoin native to Arbitrum, backed 1:1 by decentralized stablecoins. https://twitter.com/wallenby1/status/1570822687349673984

🍄 Update on $SPA's Demeter launch on Arbitrum https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1584876396286922754

$CIC - @CICchain 🍄 New L1 trying to solve the blockchain trilemma https://twitter.com/wallenby1/status/1576553705591087104

$YDF - @yieldification 🍄 A perpetual platform utilizing NFTs as receipts and memes as collateral. https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1579426593897783298

🍄 @yieldification launches on Arbitrum, why is it a good thing? https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1585233445457825792

$HRD - @hoardusdh 🍄 Attempting to create a truly decentralized stablecoin via $USDH https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1580964666217754627

🍄 Why is $BFR different than other perpetuals? https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1594737425112215552

$GRAIL - @CamelotDEX 🍄 Arbitrums native decentralized exchange with @CamelotDEX, utilizing great bribery layers. https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1584922760173670400

$NISHIB - @NitroShiba 🍄 The first Shiba on Arbitrum and potentially the strongest meme https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1585285147976269826

$TAKE - @takepile_ 🍄 Perpetual on Fantom with a unique pile liquidity system https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1586304305564291072

$DXP - @vela_exchange 🍄 An upcoming perpetual on Arbitrum with a functioning OTC platform https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1586667640965058561

$HFT - @hashflow 🍄 A new DEX using Request-for-Quote instead of the AMM model https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1591098467497086976

$KTN - @KostrenFinance 🍄 Real-yield with a negative bonding curve as their pricing model https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1598664336523743232