Six months ago, I was delivering food by bike, earning $1,000 a month. I was in a rut, so I went all in and left the UK for Portugal. Six months later, I now work full-time in crypto and have 5x my income and network. Here's my story, and how you can do the same 🧵 ↓

I never had a plan growing up, and that didn't change in university. After I graduated, I had no idea what to do. I was working for Deliveroo and Uber. Each day was spent: • Regretting my choices • Struggling for money • Uninspired I'm sure some of you can relate 😔

I thought I was depressed, but in reality, it was just my environment. I needed challenge and inspiration, but hated the thought of an office job. I always enjoyed writing, but had never earnt $$$ from it. So how did I make that leap, and what changed? Five Steps ⬇️

1️⃣ Take a step back I had to take a step back from that life to realize what was happening and my potential if I changed. My lack of motivation was driven by: ♦️ Drugs ♦️ Comfort ♦️ Environment ♦️ Friends I had to reflect to realize this. Brutal honesty is tough.

Do this yourself. Grab a pen and paper and write down: • What you spend your time on • Who you spend your time with • How this makes you feel If you're unhappy with your current situation, it will show. 20 minutes of self-reflection could save you 20 years.

2️⃣ Humble yourself In February, right before I moved, I made my upwork account. I had zero experience and zero knowledge. I was an 'expert' at delivering food, but a novice at writing. Once you accept this, you can truly begin to build.

Pay is also a large factor. However, most web3 workers don't actually earn that much. Experience is everything, so get that first positive review Then think about increasing your rate. I got paid $7.5 for my first article, way under my previous salary, but I had my review!

3️⃣ What's your value add? To get what I wanted, I needed to appeal to others. I realized my proposal was key. I mastered my proposal, and the clients came flying in. I came across hungry to help them, not myself. Here's an example ↓

4️⃣ Grit It took over 100 proposals for anyone to respond back. It was killing my motivation, but that's where grit steps in. Change is hard, but I wasn't ready to go back to my old life. I made less money with more work, but I saw the long-term vision.

Regardless of privilege, opportunity or ability, grit is what separates the good from the great. I never thought I had it, but really I just never allowed myself to have it. My life was full of: ♦️ Comfort ♦️ Easy wins ♦️ Dopamine My grit was hidden in this comfort.

5️⃣ Allow it to happen As cringe as it may sound, great change can only happen if you allow it to You've recognized you can achieve great things, so allow it to happen, plant that seed Opportunities, connections, and money will follow This is the most important rule by far

You'll still have to do the work. It'll just be glass half full, not empty. You'll see potential in yourself like you never have before. Placebo is the most potent drug we have. Self-acceptance is placebo for the mind 🧠

If you're on CT reading this right now you have: • The opportunity to change your life • The resources to make it happen • The community to motivate you Come back to this thread if you think it won't happen for you.

What I didn't mention in this thread. @cooperellie04 was the reason I could make that leap. @Mrojek1 is the reason I'm in crypto in the first place. @LunarStrategy had faith in my potential. Forever grateful 🙏