Knowing which undervalued protocols are going to do well is a mix of luck and skill. Hit the right one and you'll make the biggest gains of your life. Here's a list of potential gems to get you started (Part 3)

This is a continuation of two other lists I've made covering various upcoming protocols. Please check out the others below 👇 Part 1: Part 2: Let's continue 👇

@X7_Finance A censorship resistant DEX pushing the core values of crypto. A complex multi-token ecosystem which powers Xchange and their new loans dropping shortly ''Trust no one. Trust code. Long live Defi.''

@BeepERC20 - $BEEP An AI token launching and management project. Can AI really takeover crypto launches? $BEEP helps projects: • Automate buy-backs / burns with customized prompts. • They partnered with @X7_Finance to help new launches↑

@verasitytech $VRA An advertising optimization protocol utilizing Proof-of-View to increase efficiency whilst rewarding the token holder. it's inevitable and with 40%+ of advertising money lost to ad fraud, a more efficient system would benefit all.

@yieldification - $YDF An perp dex on Arbitrum / ETH offering NFTs as receipts. A protocol I was hot on late last year which has settled into consolidation. NFT marketplace just went live, curious to see how they'll perform in 2023.

@SperaxUSD $SPA Yield automating stablecoin native to Arbitrum. Backed 1:1 by stablecoins and not algorithmic like $UST was. New Demeter protocol allows projects to create no-code incentivized Uniswap v3 farms.

@syrupfinance $SRX A $GMX fork on BNB, looking to copy their success + implement long awaited features like options and synthetics. They had an impressive launch in a bear market. BNB doesn't have a dominant perp. Their competition includes $LVL, $EDE, $PALM and others.

@threedildoscap $3DC Great meme project based on 3AC and FTX collapse. Incredible memability with big players onboard. This is a left curve project for me but one to keep your eye on. I own a tiny bag atm.

@MASQ_ai $MASQ A Web3 based browser, Braves crypto competitor. - Built in VPN and earning ecosystem and just released their decentralized app store. - Bunch of interesting partnerships like Starlink Full focus on privacy which thrives off tradfi mistrust

@GammaStrategies $GAMMA Taking liquidity and turning it into simple passive yield strategies. Deep partner list like Frax, managing a multitude of different protocols liquidity Taking advantage of LSD movement for nice APRs.

@cramercoin $CRAMER Another curve ball play, built around the infamous inverse Jim Cramer trading strategy. He says crypto is going to zero? Pump it. Dev has continued to build with inverse portfolio coming soon: →

@smolverse A NFT project to bet on becoming a blue-chip on Arbitrum during the next bull run. Smols are also core to the @Treasure_DAO / $MAGIC ecosystem which means if that grows, so does Smols floor price. Expect multiple ETH per Smol.

@vestafinance - $VSTA Lending protocol on Arbitrum with an overcollateralized stablecoin. Interest free borrowing with a growing TVL. Overcollateralization makes it a safer option with 22m TVL and countless new vaults.

@DEXToolsApp - $DEXT The number one chart aggregator and tool I use to keep track of both long and short term plays. Pretty clear value add some the premium version, which encourages people to hold DEXT. Constant updates from devs, it's only a matter of time.

@staderlabs - $SD A liquid staking derivative protocol in light of the Shanghai update (Earn yield whilst using the underlying asset (ETH) somewhere else) People will want to stake their ETH in an LSD protocol. Great breakdown ↓

@PlutusDAO_io - $PLS Had to include Plutus in here as they're a hedge against singular Arbitrum bets. They focus on creating great products around governance tokens of Arbitrum protocols. High APR but high emissions ATM, covers all major protocols.

zkSync szn. zkSync is a L2 Ethereum scaling solution using Zero-knowledge prorofs. Expecting many a derivative platform to pop up on their mainnet. Their mainnet launch will be the biggest L2 launch ever. Expect massive ETH inflows instantly. • 500m raised

@Fetch_ai - $FET Operating system for the Internet of Things, $FET is an AI play. This means connecting devices to the IoT, completely Peer-to-Peer. • Clear revenue roadmap, essentially a SaaS, with $FET the medium used for all payments. • 1b+ cap expected