So you want to find 10-100x 💎 's, But all you see are people telling you to go on Dexscreener or Coingecko. No more top 10 tools, here's the number one way to consistently be ahead of the curve 👇 You'll be suprised

1️⃣ Fucking Network People are the biggest asset you'll ever have, so isolating yourself thinking you can do it all alone is making your experience 100x harder. This applies to more than just crypto. Life is really about who, instead of what you know. The harsh truth.

Life is like staking. Think of the global population as total supply. The more people you know, the more % reward you get. You won't get these rewards for free, you have to provide something. Maintaining relationships are a give and take, you can't just take.

Approach those you idolize or respect, ask for their help. They'll get internal validation from helping you, even if they're unconscious to it; it's human nature. The worst thing they can do is turn you down. So what are you waiting for? Go grab it