Looking for new projects in 2023? Here's another list of protocols to keep your eyes on heading into the new year. (You haven't heard of most of these before) 🧵 👇 (Part 2)

@FactorDAO The building blocks of asset management, launching soon on Arbitrum. Create custom indices and receive management fees. Will be a protocol acting as proof-of-concept for the anti-larper. So you're a good narrative trader but don't have a custom vault on Factor? https://twitter.com/CrossChainAlex/status/1596205167958843394

@handle_fi A multi-currency stablecoin to be used across DeFi in a global fashion. Mint stablecoins from top fiat currencies: • Borrow against ETH in any fiat currency • Leverage trade • Global delta neutral LPing Clear LP / Yield reward setup https://twitter.com/thelearningpill/status/1605227790319525890

@energywebx An open-source platform with a main aim of developing the energy sector, $EWT powers the mission. Climate crisis is already here, $EWT builds open-source Web3 tech which helps companies reduce their footprint $EWT becomes a hedge on fossil fuels https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1562469804216184832

Next up is the AI narrative. I couldn't pin point a singular project, but we've seen many a project blow up after ChatGPT went live Machine learning, image + video creation, writing, voice are all topics I'm interested in. Projects like @bittensor_ have been mentioned to me https://twitter.com/RvCrypto/status/1603351350414188549

@KromatikaFi A metaDEX aggregator, providing you the best rates. Have used them for limit orders which paired with deep liquidity pairs provides a decent experience. DEX competition is super high so savings + more functionality is an easy pick for me https://twitter.com/RiddlerDeFi/status/1609634588120203264

@UnstoppableFi New DEX looking to build an on-chain CEX alternative - Single sided LPing splitting sustainable yield assets - instant on/off ramps - integrated wallet - Token sale coming Q1 (tentative) Bold claims, even bolder devs, looking forward to their updates. https://twitter.com/UnstoppableFi/status/1604080404427833346

@gigaswapfinance An OTC decentralized trading market looking to capitalize on the 300b+ OTC volume that occurs. - clear use case and fee distribution - Custom NFT OTC deals - Testnet live @ app.gigaswap.app https://twitter.com/LouisCooper_/status/1597576173873004544

@pendle_fi A yield trading AMM, which means get access to and trade the future yield of their assets - Pendle V2 recently went live - Large partnerships like Frax, Looksrare and Lido. - TVL 3x since December: https://defillama.com/protocol/pendle https://twitter.com/pendle_fi/status/1597567793268133890

Like AI, I do think one BNB perpetual can make it big this year, but I'm still unsure which one. We've seen GMX forks like @syrupfinance, native perps with @PancakeSwap and other main competitors like: $PALM, $LVL, $EDE Someone has to take the cake, maybe it's Binance.

@rage_trade A perp DEX on Ethereum combined with delta neutral vaults, recycled liquidity & stablecoin farms. - Delta neutral GLP vaults recently live - Strong partnerships in Arbitrum space - Smart money instantly apes new vaults https://twitter.com/ArbiAlpha/status/1595802699983106048

@FANtiumOfficial Protocol bootstrapping athletes careers buy purchasing ownership in future prize money through NFTs. Quite sentimental to me, as this would of come in handy two years ago. Bunch of new athletes onboarding this year. https://medium.com/@FANtium/fantium-raises-2m-angel-investment-to-democratize-athlete-financing-3838fd7523ad

Shout out to @thedefiedge for hook inspiration, he's been of great help over these past four months of growth. As he mentioned below mentorship, no matter how long or short it is, is simply brain steroids for both partners if done correctly. https://twitter.com/thedefiedge/status/1608431428605464584