7 ChatGPT Apps, Hacks, and Extensions you can't live without (All are currently Free) 🧵 A thread

1. Need to save your #ChatGPT prompts? 🫡 ChatGPT History extension has you covered! ✅ Bookmark Threads ✅ Search your threads ✅ Even share them with the world via a public URL! 🤯 🔗 https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chatgpt-history/jjdnakkfjnnbbckhifcfchagnpofjffo

2. 🫡 Everywhere Add ChatGPT to every website you want 🪄 ✍️ Use it to write tweets, stories, etc. It works anywhere you can type. 🎁 Wish ChatGPT could create images? Well now it can! Guide → http://github.com/gragland/chatgpt-everywhere Credit - @gabe_ragland

3. 🫡 ChatGPT for Search Engines You can now view ChatGPT responses on Google and Bing! Credit - @DataChaz 🔗 https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chatgpt-for-search-engine/feeonheemodpkdckaljcjogdncpiiban

4. 🫡 TweetGPT 🪄 It uses ChatGPT to write your tweets, reply, comment, etc. Guide: 🔗 http://bit.ly/3k0vOY4 To activate it, just press the robot icon under your tweet input.

5. 🫡 Search GPT Shortcut It displays the ChatGPT response alongside Google Search results 🔗 https://github.com/wong2/chat-gpt-google-extension

6. 🫡 Connect your ChatGPT with your Whatsapp. Here: 🔗 http://bit.ly/3ZfmyzC

7. 🫡 ChatGPT Writer It uses ChatGPT to generate emails or replies based on your prompt! 🤯 Get it here: 🔗 https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chatgpt-writer-email-writ/pdnenlnelpdomajfejgapbdpmjkfpjkp/ 🌐 https://chatgptwriter.ai

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