Kel's Key Takeaways - Forgotten Runes TV Trailer - MAY 4 2022 (1/) First off, before you read further, please view the trailer! Many spoilers below! And it's truly a treat to experience.

2/ The trailer begins with a view inside the Secret Tower, showing the spinning Rune Die that some may be familiar with. Narration (performed by @KristianNairn): "It is not the wizards who forgot the Runes, but the rest of the world."

3/ This is the original Rune Die on the website. The number corresponds to the number of wizards that have been burned with a Sacred Flame and converted to Forgotten Souls.

4/ This visual is similar to the summoning animation during initial mint. The location appears to be barren hills, no vegetation. This might represent the mountainous area near the Secret Tower on the map. Map link:

5/ I am assuming that all locations in the trailer are contained within the visible Runiverse map, with future seasons expanding to other uncharted regions. So my best guess for the next location is Frog Master Marsh.

6/ A Huntress & her crow travel through the marsh. This is the 1st wiz shown. Best guess? Enchanter Faye of the Havens (9755) due to matching familiar, similar outfit, and Rune of Earth could be used for this type of magic.

7/ This huntress has elven ears and tribal-type tattoos on both arms. Why does she disturb the flamingos? Normally, nature-attuned wizards would avoid needlessly harassing wildlife. There must be a reason...

8/ We switch to a very different and chaotic scene. A modern-looking city with multiple fires and a helicopter flying overhead. Not the type of scene one would expect from a “wizard show.” First sign that this is something different from the norm.

9/ Next wizard appearance - the color of his hat is tough to discern because of the lighting - some ppl have guessed brown and green, but I’m sticking with blue. The wizard says, "This is the world with magic in it…" before the building behind him explodes!

10/ This is most likely Archmagus Aleister of the Keep (1092) (due to Rune of Water, blue slime familiar, and matching outfit). Aleister’s location is Alessar’s Keep, so it’s possible that this is the city depicted. Very possible that multiple Runiverse cities are in turmoil…

11/ We next view a party scene! Likely in the Yellow Wizard’s Bastion, given their penchant for partying and revelry. On the table we see what appear to be several types of potions as well as several different mushrooms.

12/ Wizards, from bottom-left and going counter-clockwise: Archmagus Adium of the Citadel (4619) - Headband, outfit, familiar, goblet of wine prop suggests that this is a fitting setting for him.

13/ Not sure about this one - relatively non-descript. May be drinking a passion potion. Perhaps a warrior?

14/Charmer Circe of the Heath (912) - Only Coven Sister + Spandex Green + Cannibis Potion in the collection.

15/ Charmer Calliope of the Field (643) - Matching head (Enchantress) + Mandrake potion + Merlin’s Monkey (I’m assuming someone is responsible for him). The two charmers seem very close…

16/ Then we have an awesome moment with Augerer Gwendolin. “Come on you effing degenerates, get up and dance!” Gwendolin shouts. Voiced by @LachnessMonsta This character was inspired by the animated pixel art created by @sweetbread_eth on behalf of @EnchanterOrbus

17/ Narrator: "From Calista's Citadel..." This location was previewed months ago, but still amazing to see it in full color. We can fully see the classical gate and turreted wall to a fortress, but inside are modern-looking skyscrapers with brightly lit neon signs.

18/ Narrator: " Kobold's Crossroad" Amazing depiction, and to be honest, about what I expected from these rascals. Possible kobolds from the collection (left to right): Summoner Pezo of the Keep (8458) (only matching outfit Kobold)

19/ Possibly Alchemist Kalo of the Bastion (3236) (seems like a Dapper Formal outfit)

20/ Summoner Jig of the Citadel (4425) (Outfit with Bloody Eyeball on back is indicative + spraypainting the water rune)

21/ Illusionist Sharx of the Valley (7252) (only kobold with Green Hip Scarf outfit)

22/ Probably Pyromancer Peppy (4180) (matching outfit - firework seen on ground nearby, seems to be performing a spell, perhaps to start more fires)

23/ Narrator: “ Hue Master Pass.” Great visualization of this location. On one end, The Fey, and on the other, Cuckoo Land & the Psychic Leap. But which end is which? I think the Castle is controlled by entities residing in the Fey since it looks just like a fairy castle.

24/ We transition to a new location. My best guess is the mountains north of Dream Master Lake - lots of interesting locations right around there (The Sacred Pillars, The Gate to the 7th Realm) that might incentivize the dangerous behavior we see presently.

25/ Three wizards in danger. They helpfully have Runes on their coats. From left to right: Electromancer Bullock of the Ice (5301)(only Canaanite with Red Suit + Earth Rune)

26/ Mystic Aslan of the Cold (3421) (Only Mandinka with Red Suit + Fire Rune)

27/ Shaman Otto of the Tundra (1736) (Only Kelt with Red Suit + Rune of Brimstone)

28/ Narrator: “...through chaos and calamity…” Good thing Otto had his comrades along for this expedition…

29/ Another transition to an iconic shot. The ruins and desert location suggest that this is located in the vicinity of the Sand. A black goat rushes forward… Narrator: “...through uncertainty…”

30/ The goat transforms into an Evil One and throws themselves against a black mass that appears to engulf them! Lore-wise, perhaps this is wizard # 1, @elfjtrul's Evil Arcanist Black Goat of the Wood. However...

31/ ...the only thing not aligning with that is the outfit - looks more like a White Wraith body trait. In that case, it could be Necromancer Scratch of the Pit (7020) or Ghost Eater Black Goat of the Inferno (7986).

32/ Speculation: Perhaps the Evil Ones are affiliated or aligned with each other somehow? They oppose the Quantum Shadow, and perhaps some have tried and failed to combat it.

33/ Narrator: "...and fear..." We transition to another scene of urban destruction. Fighters are having what looks like a taekwondo match while others cheer them on against a fiery backdrop. Perhaps it's the Red Wizard Bastion; it's modern and built up, there’s even a bus stop.

34/ This is definitely Chaos Mage Miyo (8711), watching it all from atop a ruined armored vehicle. She probably asked a couple of her Boys to fight for her favor and amusement.

35/ Overlooking it all, is a skyscraper surrounded by helicopters. It appears that security is tight here.

36/ Someone is observing the blighted cityscape from an exclusive penthouse suite. An airship stating, “City in Lockdown” hovers nearby. Narrator: “...through hunger, poverty…” Note that this person has a jelly donut, a golden toad, and even a World Egg.

37/ A meaty hand grasps a golden chalice. The hand has multiple rings equipped, including one with the Rune of Fire. First evidence of Rune-imbued objects?

38/ Narrator: “...and plague…” A grinning face with golden teeth. Multiple earrings, including one with the Rune of Lime. Signs point to this being Sorcerer Angus of the Hall (1372), due to matching facial hair, outfit, Rune of Lime, golden toad familiar, and chalice prop.

39/ Here is the golden toad and jelly donut in all of its glory. It appears that jelly donuts are highly prized in this world!

40/ The narrator reads the displayed text. This is the only hint in the trailer that this is a project that originates in NFTs. You’d have to know that a typical NFT collection size of this era is 10K. Note how the letters shift to Runes from time to time.

41/ We transition to a ship on a stormy sea, likely the Salt or the Brine. The boat has sails - not as modern as some of the land-based transportation that’s been shown/hinted at.

42/ A group of wizard sailors struggles with the storm. From left to right: One of three Dream Masters (couldn't say which, as no props, familiars, or Runes shown). On the right is Pyromancer Miyo of the Great Blue (794). Only Kabuki + Swashbuckler gear wizard in collection.

43/ More wizard sailors (left to right): Alchemist Yan of the Sea (1684) - only Kempo head + Swashbuckling outfit. Possibly one of three MachoMan/Swashbucklers (machoman due to haircut and overall size). One of 6 Wooden Boy/Swashbuckler wizards.

44/ One Easter Egg here - the map that appears behind the wizards. The peninsula beside the Wooden Boy's head matches the Omega Oxbow river in the original map. From that reference point, we can see previously unrevealed parts of the map to the west and south.

45/ Next, an iconic scene that was previously previewed to promote the Forgotten Beasts drop. A chimera (the first ever Forgotten Beast) bursts through the Gate to the 7th Realm!

46/ A couple wizards are in a bit of a predicament! From left to right: Hedge Wizard Bolin of the Desert (508) Archmagus Orpheus of the Sun (5901) OR Sorcerer Isaac of the Oasis (2247) I want to shout out @eterps for ID’ing many of these, saving me some time.

47/ Next, another previewed scene featuring the Sacred Key Master (777) - this wizard was voiced by @enchanterorbus! Orbus wants you to note the sound he made as the SKM landed on the ground. SKM's large size is communicated by only showing a portion of him at any one time.

48/ Sacred Key Master: "Behold, my quantum style!!!!!!" Keys are typically used to protect precious things. But Key Master's key seems to have offensive capabilities also.

49/ Narrator: “They’re putting their Rune on the door.” Magus Wazir sighting!!! He does seem like he’s well suited as a “lookout”. Performing graffiti: Alchemist Althea of the Wild (9489) Witch with a key: Artificer Lenora of the Road (9706)

50/ Man with an axe: Likely a nod to the upcoming Forgotten Warriors! The man’s glowing eyes match Lenora’s - is it possible that he’s under her control?

51/ Finally, we move to the logo, “Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult” - this is the first time the name has been mentioned. No narration here.

52/ We close with a suggestion to “Join the Cult” with a QR code and the website. (note: the QR code also leads to the website) Thanks for following along! If there are any Easter Eggs or other tidbits I missed (or got wrong) feel free to post in the comments!