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8 months ago

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Why do people use Spacer components? Personally, I prefer using Auto Layout wrappers and controlling spacing with gaps but there might be a use case I'm overlooking? Made some pros and cons below πŸ‘‡

βœ… - Because Figma doesn't have styles for spacing(yet), its the easiest way to componentize your spacing system.

βœ… - Spacers lead to layouts with a flatter structure. Less nested wrappers can be easier to reason about but ends up being more layers.

❌ - Having invisible elements in a layout leads to difficult-to-debug layouts. You've often missed a spacer somewhere.

❌ - Seems obvious but, they don't work well in lists compared to using gap. You need to select and change multiple items to adjust the spacing.

❌ - Your engineering team needs to be onboard. Either they need to switch to using the same pattern or they'll need to translate Spacers into gaps and margins.