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This Week's Alpha - Arbitrum ARB Plays, Macro Updates, GambleFi Narrative, News & Catalysts, Whale Addresses, And More

Your Alpha on the Market, dug for you 👇 ▪️ ARB Plays ▪️ Macro Updates ▪️ GambleFi Narrative ▪️ Arbitrum Ecosystem ▪️ News & Catalysts ▪️ On-chain Analysis ▪️ Addresses to Track for Airdrops ▪️ Whale Addresses ▪️ Undervalued Projects & Much More! A THREAD 🧵

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Airdrops to Hunt - Arbitrum Airdrop, LayerZero, Starknet, zkSync, Fuel, Zeta, Base, And More

#Airdrops to hunt this week🧵 I told you last week that airdrop space has been quiet, but money was coming. Well, it did not miss. Arbitrum reignited the flame. Today strategies & alpha on: ▪️ LayerZero ▪️ Starknet ▪️ zkSync ▪️ Fuel ▪️ Zeta ▪️ Base ▪️ Quai & Much More 🪂👇

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Top Crypto Research Projects You Can't Miss!

You don't want to miss these projects 🧵 I selected some of the best researches for you, you will find projects in the following Narratives: ▪️ Perp DEX ▪️ GambleFi ▪️ Arbitrum Ecosystem ▪️ Real Yield ▪️ Real-World Asset ▪️ Layer2 & zk And much more. + ALPHA 👇

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Phuture Deep Dive

Nearly 50% of the value in the U.S. stock market is held by index funds. With Mass Adoption coming in, we need Crypto Indexes. Introducing @phuture_finance, a Decentralized Index Fund which provides exposure to the DeFI sector while generating yield. A THREAD 👇🧵 (+ Alpha)

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Airdrops to Hunt - Base, Promising Testnets, zkSync Era, 5ireChain, And More

#Airdrops to hunt this week🧵 Airdrops have not really been the top priority lately. But we must not forget that there is free money to be made. Today strategies & alpha on: ▪️ Base ▪️ Faucets ▪️ Promising Testnets ▪️ zkSync Era ▪️ Fuel ▪️ Shardeum ▪️ Sei & More 🪂👇

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This Week's Alpha - USDC Depeg, SVB Insolvency, Macro Events, Project Catalysts, Funds Addresses to Track, And More

Get your Alpha on the Market, gathered for you 👇 ▪️ Narrative for a Bitcoin Bull Cycle ▪️ Macro Events ▪️ Project Catalysts ▪️ $USDC & SVB Situations ▪️ Funds addresses to track ▪️ DeFi Latest Developments & Much More! A THREAD 🧵 https://cryptoshiro.substack.com/p/this-weeks-alpha-03-13

Your Alpha, gathered in the following categories: 1/ Narratives & Catalysts 2/ News & Events 3/ On-chain 4/ Data & Numbers 5/ Projects 6/ More Alpha Find your alpha! 👇

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Altitude Deep Dive

Interoperability is primordial. However, bridge exploits account for ~50% of all DeFi exploits. So how do we bridge assets in a secure way? Introducing @AltitudeDeFi $ALTD, a LayerZero powered composable native asset bridge for blue-chip assets. A THREAD 👇🧵 (+ Alpha)

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Selection of the Best Threads - DeFi Knowledge, LSD Narrative, Smart Wallets, Real-World Assets, Arbitrum News & Catalysts, And Much More

Another week another ton of things to learn. I selected the Best #Crypto Threads for you 👇: ▪️ DeFi Knowledge ▪️ LSD Narrative ▪️ Smart Wallets ▪️ Real-World Assets ▪️ Arbitrum News & Catalysts ▪️ Tools ▪️ Trader Psychology And more! A THREAD 🧵 https://cryptoshiro.substack.com/p/selection-of-the-best-threads-0301-0304

Find your threads gathered in the following categories: 1/ Knowledge 2/ Thoughts, Opinions & Analyses 3/ Advice, Tools & Guides 4/ News & Events 5/ Projects 6/ Bonus

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Projects to research 03/01 - 03/04

I learned about interesting projects the past few days. 🧵 I selected some of the best researches (03/01 - 03/04) for you, you will find projects in the following Narratives: ▪️ Perp DEX ▪️ GambleFi ▪️ Options ▪️ Arbitrum ▪️ Real Yield And much more. 👇

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Last time I thanked you, it was for the 10k followers milestone, 3 weeks ago. It went so fast that I missed 15k & 20k, that's crazy. Well, I'm celebrating 25k followers today 🎉 As always, I'm celebrating the frens that helped me get there. Great accounts to follow🧵👇

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