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Last episode of @progesunam remainded me that time when I asked someone about an offer they published on the slack of @VigoTechAllianc. In that time, I thought the best way I can help new people getting to this industry was making the questions they weren't able to make.

So, as this offer didn't include a salary range, I asked for it. The main excuses I received were these:

“The money is not a problem, we don't want to hire people for what money is so important.” — Well, money is important to me as long as I have to bring food to the table every day. I know what is my minimum, do you know what is your maximum?

If not, you should make some figures because if my minimum is very far from your maximum, we both can save a lot of time.

“We want to be flexible just in case the candidate doesn't suit the position, but we still are interested in hiring him.” — We developer understand these type of things, we can apply for a position and maybe the company offers a different one with a lower salary

and that is totally ok, what is no ok is to invest a lot of time to pass your selection process to finally discover that the amount of money you can pay me is not enough to make a life.

If you wonder how this discussion ended… The person that published the offer left the channel. The people in the channel started complaining because if we made this type of question, nobody was going to publish new offers.

The administrators allow me to stay on the channel but creating a new one to publish new offers where nobody can comment.