đŸ§” Thread




Coding, sometimes, is like land a plane in the middle of the night in an unknown airstrip without lights. You know what you want, but you are going to discover how to do it at the same time you do it. It could be must easier if at least you have a light at the end of the airstrip

A driver is something like that, something that keep you in the right track in spite of the all the other problems you find during the landing.

Short feedback loops as TDD, linters, type systems are good examples of driver we can use to receive quick feedback and guidance during coding.

What is important is to use a driver as an assistance that make us aware of small mistakes/problems just after provoke them and to help us focus on the right thing.

However, sometime is not easy to find a driver, or maybe we can't see how to write a test that guide us. In those moments I use to step back and think is maybe the design is not the right one or if the level of abstraction where I am implemented this functionality isn't right.