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Building a portfolio of communities: 🌈 @RosielandHQ 👀 @indiependentHQ 🐞 @ministryoftest Community builder. Founder. Unschooler. 5x mother. #ActuallyAutistic

We should draw maps of our communities: - how is our community discovered? - how do people arrive in the land? - what's on their tour? - do they seek citizenship? - what are great or bad outcomes? - who are these people? - what is the reality of their journey?

💡 Good community building is often down to good, varied and consistent communication Here's a Slack community tip. Have one main channel that feeds in the community content that is created via RSS. I have this set up in Rosieland for articles, events and forum posts.

Nice little growth chart of Rosieland community activity over the past 5

What's your community competitive advantage?

TIL: Hot tubbing a community... Turns out the rapid growth of online communities has been going on for a long time. A solution back then was to 'hot tub the community'. https://artlung.com/blog/2020/06/26/hot-tubbing-1999/

Opening minds to community tooling

🛠 A community tool is one that facilitates communication and the publishing of information. It's cool to see people opening their minds to what a community tool is, rather than limiting them to 'community platforms'. Times are changing, and some companies will be in trouble.

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Don't call it a community...

We love community. We want to shout about it. We want to reference it in a way that recognises the community work we do. However, sometimes we can choose not to call our community a community. Sometimes we need to put on a bit of a marketing and branding hat.

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Five ways to compare and think about audience vs community:

1. An audience is one to many, whereas a community is many-to-many.

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conversations > meetings

How community growth happens.