A Chinese state-owned broadcaster recently took an equity stake in the domestic business of #Kuaishou, one of the country’s most popular video apps. They also appeared to gain a seat on the board of that business, according to corporate records.

Beijing’s actions involving #Kuaishou suggests the government’s years long regulatory crackdown on tech and media isn’t taking a backseat to efforts to solve worsening economic challenges.

It’s the latest move by #PresidentXi #Jinping’s government to exert more control over domestic internet content providers. It resembles previous acquisitions of stakes in the Chinese businesses of #ByteDance, #TikTok’s parent, and #Weibo, the country’s equivalent of #Twitter.

The question China interference in tech co oanies is a hot potato in the West This news is unlikely to ease concerns that the CCP has a hand on the algorithms and data if platforms like https://youtu.be/z9pIZzOM