According to a report in @Forbes, the Chinese owner of #TikTok, #ByteDance, wanted to use TikTok to spy on some American users. TikTok execs like COO #VanessaPappas say this is hogwash, but the question of a threat to American data just wont go away!

According to the report by #Forbes, the Internal Audit and Risk Control department of #TikTok’s parent company, #ByteDance, planned on collecting TikTok data to spy on specific American citizens.

The Internal Audit team is primarily used to look into “misconduct” by current and former employees, but the team was going to use #metadata from #TikTok to obtain specific location data on an American who never worked for the company for “@surveillance” purposes.

Without sounding like I’m diminishing or ignoring the risks of #CCP interference, I do wonder if this story would get the same attention if #TikTok was an American company like #Apple or #Facebook or #Google.