Jonathan Eisen


Prof. @UCDavis. Lab: phylogenomics.me All microbes (not just COVID), all the time. #STEMDiversity #OpenScience #Type1 #Symbioses #Genomics #BirdPhotography

Charlie Bates

I just made a donation to this fund in honor / memory of Little I (Charlie Bates), son of @BatesPhysio. His death is incredibly tragic. Donating to this fund, if you can afford it, is one good thing we can do in his honor. https://twitter.com/BatesPhysio/status/1490771240772116487

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More SuperbOwls

In honor of Joe Burrow @JoeyB at the #Superbowl I am posting some pics of my favorite #SuperbOwl Burrowing owls, which I think should be renamed ed for today "BurrowOwls" https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/103453079

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SuperbOwl Owls

Well, I went out on a mission earlier today to try and find a #SuperbOwl. And I found one. Great horned owl in rural #DavisCA #SuperbOwls https://instagr.am/p/CZ7mIDBPiLZ/

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More Eric Lander Problems

This is completely unacceptable @potus: @EricLander46 must either step down or be fired Biden’s top science adviser bullied and demeaned subordinates, according to White House investigation https://politi.co/34zJyS6 via @politico

As I wrote yesterday - he never should have been selected. And he was on notice basically to improve his behavior and he completely failed at this. This is a shameful thing for the scientific community. https://twitter.com/phylogenomics/status/1489812240874102784?s=20&t=RnvAO6l5VjN06X5oOmxWzw

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More problems with Monica Gandhi

For those who have not seen it this is worth a look. Monica Gandhi has been one of the worst purveyors, over and over and over, of inaccurate predictions and information about how #COVID is over and mild and no big deal. https://twitter.com/MehdiHasanShow/status/1489404410669277190

And I note - Dr. Gandhi has also been claiming, over and over and over, with no evidence, that getting many diseases is good for you because it helps you microbiome eg https://twitter.com/phylogenomics/status/1441839751204507656?s=20&t=gF6r1K9W3pwtvzwtTBZl6w

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Problems with Eric Lander

Never should have been chosen. Never should have been confirmed. Should be removed. ‘I am deeply sorry for my conduct’: Biden's top science adviser apologizes to staff https://politi.co/3AZ5B0x via @politico

See this from April for some comments about why Lander was a bad choice https://twitter.com/phylogenomics/status/1385587940416364544

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Ferruginous hawk

One of my favorite species on the planet - ferruginous hawk - seen today near Rush Ranch in Fairfield, CA

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Michael Eisen

Seen today in #DavisCA - an @mbeisen in the wild, wiggling forward and backwards.

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Otters at Yolo Bypass

So I had a 20 minute encounter with some otters today at #YoloBypass. Much of the time, they are so adorable #NaturePhotography #otters #YoloCounty

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