Work, create, & communicate like a GENIUS in 2023. 100+ Artificial Intelligence Tools (you'll wish you always had):

Audio Chatbots Coding Copywriting Design Images Learn & Organize Music Photography Product Insights Sales Search Video Writing

AUDIO - engaging voiceovers in seconds. - create human–like voice overs. - unique, royalty-free tracks. preserve emotion & acoustic environment of the acoustic prompt.

CHATBOTS - build and deploy an AI chatbot to thousands of users. Character.AI - have open-ended conversations and collaborations with computers. - get help writing or coding almost anything. - make your own bots and chat with them. - create virtual characters. - combine business with external data to develop faster and more accurate decisions. - build AI Assistants.

CODING - efficient, error-free SQL queries w/o knowing SQL. - code snippets & analysis. - code apps in secs. - build sites in secs. - turn text to Excel. - beautiful documentation that converts. -keep up with API changes. - build fast with production quality using AI. - database admin. - turn Figma designs into high-quality code - accelerate coding with AI assistance and mobile app. - automatic documentation. - AI assistant for software developers.

COPYWRITING - copywriting AI. - create ads in seconds. - reimagine your content in new formats. - power your content strategy. - write content in seconds. - create amazing, original content 10X faster. - AI-assisted storytelling. - content creation with AI. - virtual content assistant. - AI writing for teams.

DESIGN - text-to-3D content creation - magical new ways to design products - design apps, sites, prototypes - see your drawings come to life in seconds

IMAGES - unleash the potential of unlimited visual content. - AI model drawing images from any prompt. - create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. - The Stable Diffusion search engine. - create beautiful AI-generated artwork by simply entering a text-based prompt that describes the image - AI Art Generator - search tool for ai generated images. Rosebud.AI - AI Generated Visuals. - text-to-image with default resolutions of 512x512 and 768x768 pixels. - AI that draws custom anime portraits.

LEARN & ORGANIZE - effortless meeting notes and action items - capture, share, and make use of knowledge. - brainstorm with AI on a spatial canvas. - learn anything

MUSIC - experience interactive music. - AI composing emotional soundtrack music. - make instant music and share it with the world. - open-source tools to make music production more accessible. - human X AI music for videos, podcasts & apps. - music generator for creators. - compose original music lyrics.

PHOTOGRAPHY - photo-editing application that offers more than 60+ filters. - Photoshop plugin for generative AI. - Personalized photo editing. - all-in-one image editing app that takes your photos to the next level. - remove background automatically, create professional images. - AI photo studio for product photos.

PRODUCT INSIGHTS - automate your qualitative data analysis. - spot emerging feedback trends, integrate with product analytics for deeper insights. - uncover your blind spots from customer communications

SALES - researches your prospects & suggests hyper-personalized snippets for your outreach. - improve your sales team's workflow. - shine in every meeting and monitor sales process adoption. - makes selling easy. - generate 1000s of personalized emails that get you 8x more replies. - AI communication assistant for outreach

SEARCH - search and recommendation services to create world-class digital experiences. - your smart search assistant. - searches across all your company's apps. - reimagining search - honest search engine, no tracking, no corporate influence. - search anything. - the search engine you control.

VIDEO - text to video/virtual presenters. - create digital avatars. - precision editing. - videos from plain text - personalized videos in one click.

WRITING - language models for reading and writing. - cut your writing time by 40%. - writing and publishing tool powered by LLMs. - organize quotes and ideas from the web. - everything you need to write killer long form content. - great writing, simplified. - idea to final draft, faster. - train AI on your own writing for a personalized assistant. - unlock your best writing. - AI-assisted storytelling. - content creation in the AI age. - AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content. - AI-powered storytelling. - bust writer’s block with our magical writing AI. - harness the mind's extraordinary potential. - your thoughts in words.

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