NFTs are not a passing fad, they're the economy of the future. Here are 7 ways they can change YOUR life:

1. Get paid fairly How: NFTs put power and economic control back into the hands of digital creators Example: artists, musicians and creators are using NFTs to make $$$$ for their work

What you can do: If you're an artist, musician or creator, stop giving your work away for pennies. Upgrade your art/music/content to NFTs and get compensated for the value you create. ✔️ Learn how here👇

2. Fund your business How: an NFT campaign could be used to raise funds, build excitement and elevate a business quickly Example: a business could sell NFTs which guarantee buyers a service at a later date and generate an immediate cash infusion

What you can do: Create an NFT campaign to raise funds and expand your business or design an NFT customer loyalty program ✔️ Learn more here 👇 5 Ways NFTs Can Kickstart Your Small Business |

3. Create a community-based project How: PFP NFTs are digital identities and grant membership in specific communities Example: @worldofwomennft, @BoredApeYC and many others have become powerful brands built around community

What you can do: Want to create a social club, values-based community or transformational business? Bring it to life and get it funded with an NFT art project. ✔️ Learn how in this article by @cryptoyuna 👇

4. Make gaming worth your time How: the play-to-earn gaming model allows players a chance to generate revenues by participating in games Example: Axie Infinity where players can make up to $2000/month from their NFT Axies

What you can do: If you're a gamer, seek out games that pay players for the value they bring by participating in the game. ✔️ Here are some options: Axie Infinity Plant VS Undead Gods Unchained Decentraland The Sandbox

5. Safeguard your valuable assets How: A digital twin NFT is a digital copy and record of ownership of physical assets that helps eliminate counterfeiting Example: LVMH, Prada, and Cartier partner with Aura to tokenize ownership over luxury goods.

What you can do: Utilize new authentication platforms like Aura and Nike's Cryptokicks as they become available. ✔️

6. Protect your medical data How: medical data is converted into an NFT allowing a patient to own and monetize their own data Example: Aimedis is a hospital chain in the metaverse, where patients control their data through NFTs.

What you can do: Checkout platforms like Aimedis and learn how you can protect your own medical data. ✔️

7. Monetize your unique genius Most people have genius that they never express. Web3 and NFTs are here to change that.

What you can do: Stop stopping yourself. ✔️ Start following your creative impulses. ✔️ Dive into web3 and NFTs, bring your ideas to life and make the world better. ✔️

TLDR: 7 ways to use NFTs to change your life 1. Get paid fairly 2. Make gaming worth the time 3. Create community driven business/project 4. Fund business or create marketing campaign 5. Safeguard valuable assets 6. Protect medical data 7. Monetize your unique genius

Learn more about NFTs with these 7 power resources: 1. The @a16z podcast with @ljxie @smc90 @jessewldn All about NFTs: What they are What forms they take Common myths and misconceptions How they work

2. Seven types of NFTs by @cdixon We can now genuinely own digital objects, and the 7 kinds of NFTs.

3. Learn why you only need 100 true fans to be successful as an artist, musician or creator. 1000 True Fans? Try 100 by @ljin18

4. NFTs make the internet ownable NFTs have the potential to offer creators and their audiences a viable alternative to platform-driven monetization.

5. NFTs have disrupted the digital world and industries from art to gaming to investing.

6. How NFTs are building the internet of the future | TED by @saturnial How NFTs represent a certificate of ownership on the internet and are changing the game for artists

7. The NFT Handbook by Matt Fortnow How to Create, Sell and Buy Non-Fungible Tokens Learn exactly what NFTs are, how they evolved, and why they have value. Plus, how to create, sell and buy them.

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