🎊 2020 in Review This will hopefully get fleshed out as an article at some point, but I thought I'd get it out before the year ends.

January: - Continued working on @Sitesauce - RE'd @byte_app's API - Got in a relationship (still going!)

February: - Designed a neomorphic UI for @Sitesauce as a prototype (https://twitter.com/m1guelpf/status/1229559537289637890) - Continued working on @Sitesauce

March: - Turned 18 - Pandemic hit, we were on national lockdown (aka without leaving the house) for almost three months - Final exams canceled, more time to code - Got tired of never shipping @Sitesauce, started preparing for launch, launch still took an entire month (spoilers)

April: - Reached 1K deployments on @Sitesauce - Finished preparing @Sitesauce launch and scheduled it for the 1st of May

May: - Sitesauce launch! It went awesome (https://miguelpiedrafita.com/launching-sitesauce) - 2K deployments on @Sitesauce - Redesigned my website - First microl.ink prototype

May (cont): - Did "Building X in one day" threads: Built an AMP book reader (https://miguelpiedrafita.com/amp-book), a referral system for @Sitesauce (https://miguelpiedrafita.com/laravel-affiliate), VAT handling for @Sitesauce (https://miguelpiedrafita.com/laravel-cashier-vat), a Chrome extension for Things (https://miguelpiedrafita.com/things-extension), etc.

June: - New avatar (had the MP logo for four years now, about time) - Launched the @Sitesauce affiliate program - Got VSCode's rendering engine working on my website for code blocks - Got into 3D design & started learning @Blender - Announced & started working on @goauralite

July: - Continued working on @goauralite - Got into GameDev, started learning @unity3d

August: - Challenged myself to build an app live in 24hrs (and did it) - Continued learning GameDev - Decided to pause @goauralite development

September: - Moved to the UK & started university (Philosophy), apparently moving into a campus in the middle of a pandemic wasn't the best idea - Built & soft-launched https://microl.ink in two days - Burnout & depression

October: - Built & launched GumHub (https://gumhub.m1guelpf.me) - Built a tool to curate your Twitter feed (https://twitter.com/m1guelpf/status/1319217827610529793) - Built a tool to generate good PDFs from websites (https://twitter.com/m1guelpf/status/1316519407905058817)

October (cont): - Moar Depression (pandemic + remote relationships are hard) - Joined @genzmafia - Attended multiple @genzmafia firesides and met cool people, which was awesome

November: - Started freelancing on the side (working on a really cool app that will hopefully launch soon) - Started learning Machine Learning - Explored WebGL and coding shaders - Depression again, same reasons - Attended more @genzmafia firesides - RE'd WhatsApp's APIs

December: - Continued working on the freelancing app - Built & launched @Sitesauce for GitHub - Started doing livestreams (more to come in 2021) - Moved back to Spain, which helped a lot with the depression

December (cont): - Rebuilt & redesigned the entire @Sitesauce frontend (went live today, check it out) - Designed cover art for the @genzmafia podcast

What now? - I want to go big on livestreaming on 2021, stream consistently and build an audience on Twitch (https://twitch.tv/m1guelpf) - I want to continue sharing everything I work on in here, and make this account worth a follow (go follow -> @m1guelpf)

What now? (cont) I have to figure out what's next for me. Should I get a job at a cool company? Should I focus more time on freelancing? Should I start a new project? What about uni? We'll see what the future brings. Happy new year! 🎉