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Kickstart your very first Ktor application

You always wanted to make your own server as an Android Kotlin developer? Here are some small things to know to kickstart your first Ktor app.

First of all, what is Ktor. It is a straightforward and very powerful tool to build asynchronous clients and servers apps with Kotlin and coroutines. It's fun, like many things with Kotlin. And it's built and backed by JetBrains.

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If you don't have a vision for your future, you will gradually become a slave to your business.

Weekend project : I built a little app with jetpack compose Write first edit later, only worry about getting your thoughts on the page

Pass a developer interview

8 useful tips to pass a developer interview :

1. Learn about the company. Find out about the company you are applying to. What are its activities? What's the business? What are the techs, etc.

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Investing in yourself is like Investing in a stock that can only go up.

A lot of people are talented but never find success. If you don't add a bit of courage and risk, your talent is useless.


2021 💼 After having refused several job offers I accepted one because I liked the project and the technical stack 👨‍🍼I had my second child 🥵 I came close to burnout because of this new job 🚪I quit my job after ~11months 💰 I made my first money as freelance

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Instead of using a custom grid with a fixed number of columns, you can use a FlowRow. The children layouts will go on a next row if there is no more space. It allows you to have a more flexible UI that adapts to your content. #JetpackCompose

Automatically set the version number via the number of commits in the git repository. This is the first time I see this. What do you think? #AndroidDev

Beautiful animations with AnimatedNavHost

Pro tip for #AndroidDev : Change the NavHost to AnimatedNavHost and see beautiful fade animations while navigating with #jetpackCompose.

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