Fabrizio Rinaldi


Designer and overthinker. I co-founded: ✍️ typefully.com ☕️ mailbrew.com 🎧 lofi.cafe obsessed with filmmaker, storytelling, and skateboarding 🛹

Things 4

I’m dreaming of Things 4: • Rich text instead of markdown • Image attachments • Collaboration ↳ Shared projects ↳ Task comments ↳ Send to teammate inbox • API (read and write) • Better Mail to Things ↳ Rules to set tags, project etc /cc @culturedcode

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15k! Still feels surreal to know that so many people are following along my journey and reading my thoughts. Thank you 🙏

Using Ivory by @tapbots reminded me of how much I love polish and playfulness in mobile apps. You rarely see this on Mac, which is a shame. @ArcInternet is a beautiful exception, with plenty of playful and surprising details. What are your favorite "playful" UIs?

Third-party Twitter clients have always inspired me as a designer and drew me to the tech community. I'm grateful to the awesome people who crafted @tweetbot, @Twitterrific, and other amazing clients 🥲 Excited to see what's next for them.

AI and culture

Feeling overwhelmed by content consumption/social apps, we have to block them to reduce anxiety. What if the same happens with AI & content creation, and AI becomes so pervasive we can't create anything without it? Writing is thinking — so then what happens to original thought?

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Morning Routine

For a calmer start to my day, I’m replacing scrolling Twitter/Instagram with: • Blocking socials with @withopal • Tweeting with @typefully if needed • Reading books for 30 min • Planning & journaling w/ @reflectnotes How do you start your day?

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AI Teammates 🤖

Someone's probably working on AI teammates: • $500/m per AI teammate (or more?) • learns from codebase & convos with team • like ChatGPT but customized • proactive help in IDE (Co-Pilot on steroids) • Handles refactoring, tests, etc. • Keeps you posted on Slack/Basecamp

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Other ways to follow me, just in case: → fabrizio.sofcast.me/linuz90instagram.com/linuz90mastodon.social/@linuz90 But I’ll be here until the last moment 🫡

Introducing Vesper

We're adding AI to @typefully. It's called Vesper 🤖 It's a smart writing partner that can: • Rewrite in different styles • Give personalized tweet ideas • Continue writing when you're stuck • Give comments to improve your tweets Try it now → https://typefully.com

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Big news: I'm thrilled to announce that @ev, co-founder of Twitter and Blogger, and founder of Medium, has invested in @typefully. Still hard to believe how far our small team is going, and couldn't be more excited about this next chapter. https://typefully.com/announcements/twitter-co-founder-evan-williams-invests-in-typefully