We are all open systems - porous to the world. Every experience makes us, molds us, shapes us - the contours of our lives constantly changing by dint of what we see, touch, taste and hear.

To me, this feels like both the good news that #mindfulness and mental training offers us - and the bad news as well.

Without some degree of attention and care, it's easy to get swept away, invisibly, by influences you didn't author - but that take root in your body and brain, nonetheless.

We watched a great presentation as a community yesterday - by Dr. David Vago, on activity dependent plasticity. At bottom, it's about being intentional, with your attention. You always get to choose. It's the one freedom, we never lose.

And what you pay attention to - and how you pay attention - ultimately, determines how you live your life. Choose well. “The experiences and goals and dreams of a person are always reflected in the brain’s structure.” - Dr. David Eagleman #mindset, #meditation