1/7 Well, HELLO, 2021! New year. Same Mission. Bigger plan. (PS - stay out of my DM's, 2020, it's been nice knowing you. We had some good moments, but in general, our time together was a cartoon clown show car crash clusterfuck of continuous chaos, with a little bit of..

2/7 of dumpster fire thrown in for good measure. Rumor has it, you had that effect on most everyone, so it's not me, it's you) I'm generally not one of those "new year's resolutions" sorts of people. In general, I tend to blame my neurotic impulses & habits on other people,

3/7 which makes me feel better. (most recently my sisters, who have peer pressured me into "Dinner Zooming" with my parents & extended family 3 days a week since March. If I never see my Dad & Uncle Art eat another lasagna while reviewing & debating Netflix movies

4/7 it will be two lifetimes too soon) That said, 2021 is going to be a super exciting time for our community. We're launching a new micro learning #mindfulness based marketplace app this week, & new idea incubator & brand accelerator for #entrepreneurs with a need for speed.

5/7 I'm also super proud to announce we are committing to giving away 20% of our products & services in #2021, 100% for free. If you have inspired ideas + need a helping hand getting your words & wisdom out into the world, we're happy to offer our services at no cost.

6/7 (and of course, If you can't afford a digital download or online workshop, we're happy to give it to you for free) DM's & email open to all.

7/7 Our Mission: To empower a new generation of mindful leaders to build brands & launch movements that make a meaningful impact in mental health, community wellness, personal growth, spiritual development and “enlightened” entrepreneurialism.