Git Multiverse: View deleted git histories on GitHub




8 months ago


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PSA: You can view deleted commits on a @GitHub repository, even if you force-push the whole repository. ⚠️ This is my commit history for my website: This commit history does not exist on my repository: (read more below)

I have force-pushed my repo many times, assuming that previous histories are deleted. Here are different commit histories which should not exist:

Here are more commit histories which should not exist:

Theoretically, if someone tracks all commit hashes for a repo on @GitHub, they can view the repo's past, present, and future history, regardless if it has been replaced or deleted. This is basically a git multiverse. ✨

One solution I can find to remove all references is from their docs page: "Contact GitHub Support, asking them to remove cached views and references to the sensitive data in pull requests on GitHub"

I have asked @GitHubHelp (ticket 1466521) if it's possible to clear these dangling references. Sadly there's no way to remove those unless all forks are removed, which it will never happen anytime soon. I guess there's a reason why we don't mess with the multiverse.