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I talk about my move from devops & K8S to dev with Serverless, Python, JS and Go • Cloud Solutions Architect with 21 years in the field.

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Tired of feeling out of control with your days? Try this simple, 5 step, morning routine and master your mornings, to master your days. This is how I'm doing it, as a husband and father of two. A short 🧵 (1/7) #16 in my #Ship30for30

Make your bed There is this famous speech from 2014, from US Admiral McRaven that explains why. He says that you should make your bed if you want to change the world. It's the little things that build confidence and control. (2/7)

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It's 2010. There is no Kubernetes.

When you're a beginner in the DevOps world, you believe that learning Linux will get you a job. Nobody tells you what the real world wants from you. It's not complicated but there are many moving parts. Let's talk history. 🧵

It's 2010. There are no Kubernetes, Docker or serverless. All you have is physical servers. And some VPS providers. Oh, and AWS is already there. But people don't make too much of it yet. It's 2010.

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