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InvΞstor, crypto & NFTs. Tech evangelist, event speaker, taekwondo black belt // Author of the NFTgm.it Weekly Report. Sign up here 👇🏻 #YellowArmy Proud member of the following #NFT communities (and many others): 🦁 @LazyLions 🟨 @0xApes_NFT @GutterCatGang @ToyBoogers @Hunnys

Top 10 Must-Have NFT Collections

The “special edition” of my newsletter is out! “The top 10 must-have #NFT collections.” Enjoy 😊 https://www.nftgm.it/issues/nftgm-it-the-10-must-have-nft-collections-1036274

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I finally found my forever @robotosNFT. I love clean and simple botos and this was under my radar for a while. I am really very happy to support such amazing builders with an incredible community and roadmap. The eyes show how much I love this community. #NFT #NFTCommunity

Read my latest: “NFT Weekly Report - Issue #19” http://www.nftgm.it/archive/1177372 Mentioned in this issue: - @TheHeistWorld - @CyberBrokers_ - @CP_auth - @kawaiiskull_nft - @metalegendsnft - @DegenToonz - featured! - @AzukiOfficial - @NfseaTools Enjoy and share your comments!

How To Buy an NFT in less than 10 minutes

How to buy an #NFT securely in less than 10 mins 1) get a super-secure #crypto wallet: https://go.zengo.com/uCxL/f831ni36 2) connect it to @gemxyz with WalletConnect 3) search for the #NFT you want and click "buy now" 4) confirm on your wallet See the tweets below for details 👇🏻🧵

1/ Get a super-secure crypto wallet. My choice goes to @ZenGo, way more secure than Metam*sk and much more mobile-friendly. After you download the mobile app here https://go.zengo.com/uCxL/f831ni36 creating a wallet is a matter of minutes. 👇🏻

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I don't use any #NFT marketplace directly, but I've been using only @gemxyz for months. Why? I explained it in a video - gas saving - one transaction for multiple items - a full view of listings in all marketplaces - easier to spot rare ones at low price 👉🏻https://streamable.com/t765x5

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The typical trajectory of a newly launched #NFT project is the following: 1) mint 2) price grows pre-reveal, even more than 2x the mint price 3) reveal 4) price drops 5) price goes back close to mint price 6) paperhands who didn't get a rare, sell below mint price Repeat.

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How To:Follow All Members of an NFT Community on Twitter

How to follow all members of your favourite #NFT community on Twitter? It's easy, and I recorded a short video to show you how. 1) install @nftinspect on your Chrome/Brave browser 2) go to Twitter.com and refresh 3) ... [continue] 👇🏻

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Do you want to support two Ukrainian artists? Easy. Get one or more #NFTs from these collections: - @ShadesOfYouNFT by @mellmenati - @TurkeysNFTs by @vvospitannik I am in. You? #NFTCommunity #NFTs

One #NFT worth 1 ETH or 10 items worth 0.1? Not an easy answer, but if you pick the right collection, the latter would provide you a better return in the short term. But it's all connected to volumes and your willingness to HODL.