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I've passed another AWS exam 🎉🎉🎉 This time it's the SysOps Administrator Associate. I've published another guide that'll help you get prepared for this exam! https://towardsthecloud.com/aws-sysops-administrator-associate-exam-guide

Last week I passed the AWS Developer Associate exam! I promised to deliver a guide to help you successfully pass the exam as well. I'm happy to say it's published now: https://towardsthecloud.com/aws-developer-associate-exam-guide

I just passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam 🎉 If you're looking to get certified, then read my guide on how I prepared for the exam 👇 https://towardsthecloud.com/aws-cloud-practitioner-exam-guide

Today I managed to pass the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam! I published a guide on my blog to help you do the same! Check out my preparation tips here 👇 https://towardsthecloud.com/aws-security-specialty-exam-guide

How to start your AWS Cloud journey

In the past year, I've shared a lot of knowledge on AWS and Cloud. For the people that recently started following me, I've revisited my timeline and cherry-picked 4 threads for you so you can start your journey in the Cloud. Enjoy and good luck 🧵

1. Advice for beginners who start in the Cloud https://twitter.com/dannysteenman/status/1357329463730720772

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AWS Toolbox

I opened an open-source repository on GitHub back in March that contains useful Bash & Python scripts that automate repetitive tasks in AWS. Since then over 290 people starred it 🌟 If you want to use it or share your scripts, check the link in the next tweet 👇

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6 Free AWS learning resources

Kickstart your journey in the Cloud with these 6 Free AWS learning resources! Start here:

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Here are 10 VS Code extensions to help you make better use of Python: 1. Python by Microsoft 2. Pylance 3. Visual Studio IntelliCode 4. Sort lines 5. Indenticator 6. Indent rainbow 7. Bracket Pair Colorizer 2 8. Sourcery 9. Python Docstring Generator 10. Dash

How to get AWS Certified, explained step by step

Want to become AWS Certified, but you don't know where to start? Then continue reading 👇

Getting started If you're new to Cloud technology go for the easiest certification: - AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner If you already have some experience with AWS, then go with: - AWS Certified Developer associate.

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AWS Cloud Engineer AMA

I’ve been working as a Cloud Engineer for 6+ years. Focused a lot on migrating workloads to the Cloud and transforming them to become Cloud Native. In the meantime I got 7x AWS Certified Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the Cloud and I’ll try to do my best to answer your questions 😄

If the sftp server is running on linux you can create a script which makes use of the aws cli so you can use the s3 cp command: https://awscli.amazonaws.com/v2/documentation/api/latest/reference/s3/cp.html Then create a cron job to schedule it every week. https://twitter.com/killpueino_goni/status/1359588776645918722

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