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3 critical flaws that brought DeFi protocols down

After countless hours of research about DeFi protocols & why most of them failed. I felt like I'd share with you all. Here are the 3 critical flaws that brought DeFi protocols down in this cycle 🧵↓↓

Poor risk management, insufficient revenue and the overuse of leverage are the core reasons why DeFi is crumbling.

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10k to 70k

My experimental portfolio went from 10k to 71k in the last bull run. I have compiled the BEST tools, research methods, Tips that helped me get here. To know how to find alpha you NEED to read this thread: 🧵👇

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100x with Tokenterminal

How to use @tokenterminal to find your next 100x This strategy will blow your mind with how simple and effective this can be You will save so much time and money with this strategy Let's dive in 👀 🧵

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Layerzero airdrop

#LAYERZERO $5,000 AIRDROP GUIDE (CONFIRMED!) How to Possibly Qualify With just 5 steps, you can change your life! Be sure you don't miss it! #Layerzero #Airdrop #Airdrops

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For some time now, Metamask has been making references to an MM token. Given its current valuation of $7 billion, this may be the largest #airdrop ever. Here is a strategy guide we will be using to get $MASK or $MM #Airdrops Let's dive in 👇 #Metamusk #airdrop #MM

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Token termenial

The secret strategy no one shares with you on how to find UNDERVALUED projects Today I'll break down how to use @tokenterminal Step by step to keep you one step ahead of the others Let's dive in 👇 #DEFI #tokenterminal

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Jasmy has several key technology features and aspects that help it achieve its goals If you didn't know about it then EVERYTHING you need to know 👇#Jasmy #Jasmycoin #JASMYUSDT @JasmyMGT

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Why I'm so DAMN bullish on Cardano and it's an ecosystem 🧵 #cardano #cardanoADA $ADA

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#Jasmy is a potential sleeping giant that most people choose to ignore. Jasmy aims to regain data sovereignty for all So today I took some time out of my schedule to bring you this alpha 🧵 #Jasmy #jasmycoin @JasmyMGT

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Soonaverse is a project often spoken about in the #Iota community. Today I decided to do a deep dive to uncover what soonaverse is building Here's everything you need to know about @soon_labs #Iota #Shimmer #soon @soon_labs

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