This Or That

Every genre has its wars: 🧨 PC vs Mac 🧨 PS4 vs XBox 🧨 Apple vs Android A #tweet100 🧵 ...

In marketing: 📊 Wordpress vs No Code Website 📊 Facebook Ads vs Google Ads 📊 IG vs TikTok 📊 @Zoom vs @WebinarJam 📊 Google Docs vs Notes 📊 Self Hosted Course vs a 3rd party hosted one like @thinkific

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Lessons from 250 Podcast Downloads

250 Podcast downloads! 2 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews My lessons over the past year publishing 40 Episodes. A🧵... #tweet100

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Love Social?

My experiences on Social Platforms: 🧵... #tweet100

Facebook - The neighbor you prefer not to be next door Twitter - Much closer to home

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On Building A Course

Building an online course? Here are a few things to consider… #tweet100

1/ Transformation - What will you deliver in your course to change your students?

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Relationships Over Money

When it comes to doing things online, there are many ways to prompt people to see what you have to offer. A 🧵 on the best less obvious ways to market yourself... #tweet100

Marketing is not popular because people think it has to be sleazy of salesy. If you don't want to be salesy, don't be. At a networking event, you are creating relationships. Why not see your marketing this way too?

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Mistakes You Make Trying To Grow An Email List

Mistakes people make when trying to grow their email list A 🧵. #tweet100

1/ Don't expect it to grow quickly An email list, like many other forms of content publishing, needs time to grow. Even with advertising and a great landing page, it will take time to get into a flow of creating content, writing regularly and allowing people to discover you.

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Time Audits

I recently did an exercise to see what I wanted to spend my time on. Use this process to budget your time too. A 🧵... #tweet100

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Why Landing Pages Are Essential

Why landing pages are important to grow your online business. A 🧵... #Tweet100

A landing page is created for a specific purpose. To collect leads or sell a product or service.

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8 Productivity Tips

1/8. Remember to get your top priority daily actions done for the day. My productivity tips. A thread… #tweet100

2/8. If your to do list is growing, review what’s most important in terms of your own growth, your company growth or your overall mission in life.

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Money Shapes Everything

Want to reduce anxiety around money as an individual and in your relationship? Take stock of your money. A thread… (Not financial advice, just my method of managing money). #Tweet100

1/ Income. Record every dollar and cent you earn from various sources. Sources may include: Product sales, consulting, coaching, affiliate revenue, commissions, etc.

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